Recently Sold Protection Dogs

The protections dogs pictured below were recently sold by Scott’s Police K9 to families or law enforcement agencies.  We are always in the process of importing and training new dogs, so please contact us if you have a particular dog or training level in mind.  We want to ensure that your family or your organizations receives the perfect dog that is trained to fit your needs.  Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for and our Master Trainer Steve Scott will help you find the right dog.

We try to keep the web site as up to date as possible but please contact us for an updated list. Due to the number of dogs that we sell on a monthly basis all over the world, only a few of the dogs’ pictures ever make it on this page.

Ety Belgian Malinois Scotts Guard Dog
Ikks Belgian Malinois Guard Dog
DJ Malinois Home Guard Dog Scotts
Layka Belgian Malinois Protection Dog
Irock Belgian Malinois Personal Protection Dog
Junior Family Protection Dog
Draco Belgian Malinois Family Guard Dog
Fibi German Shepherd Guard Dog Scotts
Kate Belgian Malinois Home Protection Dog
Lord German Shepherd Estate Protection Dog
Robbie Malinois Family Protection Dog Scotts
Lobo German Shepherd Family Guard Dog Scotts
Sammy Belgian Malinois Family Protection Dog Scotts
Trained Helios German Shepherd Dogs For Sale
Abe German Shepherd Guard DogS Scotts
Lucky German Shepherd Guard Dog Scotts
Fay Belgian Malinois Police Dog
Jimmy Belgian Malinois Guard Dog for Sale
torro belgian malinois for sale
Dutch Shepherd Family Protection Dog For Sale