Available Family Protection Dogs for Sale | May 2018

If you’re looking to buy a trained guard dog for personal or professional use, take a look at our featured K9s and then let us know if you’d like to start the purchase process.

Spike (Male Malnois): Age 3.5 Years

Spike Best Malinois Family Protection Dog for SaleSpike is an all black Belgian Malinois imported from Holland. This exceptional dog won “Champion” in the 2017 Royal Dutch Police Certification. He does great with children and other dogs, and would make an excellent family protection pet. He has been ranked by Steve Scott, master trainer for Scott’s K9, as a “Centurion Level” in training…the highest possible ranking a dog can obtain.



Lobo (Male German Shepherd): Age 2.5 Years

Lobo German Shepherd Family Guard Dog ScottsThis handsome young male was imported from Germany and is Schutzhund trained, which means he would be suitable for either home protection or as a police K9. He has earned the coveted Centurion Level distinction in obedience training. His personality is easy going, loyal, and friendly with children and other dogs.



Luna (Female German Shepherd): Age 2.5 Years

Luna German Shepherd Family Protection DogThis beautiful German Shepherd was imported from Germany, and is trained at the Executive Level. She is eager to please her master and has a loving personality that is sure to win anyone over. Her training allows her to be fiercely protective while also being the ideal family dog and companion. She is good with children and other dogs.



Vito (Male Malinois): Age 2 Years

Vito Executive Protection Dog for Sale FloridaImported from Holland, Vito is a gorgeous 2-year-old Malinois that has both Centurion Level training and is Royal Dutch Police Certified (KNPV PH1). He is quick to respond when protecting, quickly obeys commands, and is on the alert at all times. His personality is loving and sweet, which makes him an ideal family protection dog.



Scott’s K9: Your Trusted Source for Guard Dogs for Sale

Steve Scott has 15+ years of experience providing protection dogs to celebrities, executives, law enforcement agencies, military armed forces, and families. He and his team are Certified Police K9 Master Trainers who have provided thousands of dogs to countless happy clients.

Scott’s Police K9 has trained dogs that have gone on to provide some of the most heroic, life-saving services to our men and women serving in the armed forces and police units. In fact, many of his K9 dogs are additionally trained in detection of narcotics and bombs. His team trains our guard dogs for both service and sociability, allowing owners to be protected at all times, while also receiving the benefit of enjoying a loving family pet.

Our dogs are ideal for both professional and personal protection, which makes Scott’s K9 the right choice for anyone. If you are looking for a trained K9 for sale, police puppies for sale, or personal guard dogs for sale, contact Steve Scott and his team of professionals today.

Steve personally hand-selects each dog for its personality, potential, and temperament. He often travels to Europe to meet with breeders and organizations that have top quality protection dogs available. With so many years of experience, there’s no one better to trust than Steve Scott for your guard dog purchase.

Visit our website to see a current list of dogs available for sale as well as those who have recently been adopted. If you have questions or would like to inquire about a particular dog, contact Scott’s Police K9 in Texas at (919) 939-6003.

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