With more and more people moving their businesses into their homes in California, concern over home security is on the rise. Maybe you’ve researched security systems but not found anything that feels secure enough. At Scott’s K9, we have the ultimate home protection solution: trained Belgian Malinois. Our dogs act as the ultimate security system and are also a loveable family pet. 

Why Choose a Trained Belgian Malinois?

Belgian Malinois are bred to work. They thrive when they have a job to do and protecting your family is the perfect position. This breed is fiercely loyal and easily trained! All of our dogs come from the best breeders in Europe to ensure the highest quality bloodlines. 

The training our protection dogs receive is the same training military K9s undergo. Our owner, Steve Scott, spent many years in the military himself training K9s for tactical missions.

Getting a Protection Dog in California

Looking increase your home’s security?  We are a DFW based company that provides trained protection dogs all over the United States. When you work with Scott’s K9, we assist you in choosing the right dog for your needs. Our dogs make excellent pets and are great with kids. Maybe you travel a lot and want to take a little extra security with you wherever you go. Our dogs are trained to be relaxed in public environments (no excessive barking or lunging) while staying alert to any possible threats to you. 

 Every dog we sell is vetted to ensure it is 100% safe, loyal and ready to work for you. When we bring your dog to you in California, our trainers will give you an in-depth training on your protection dog so when we leave, you and your pet are confident and.

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