Although we are based in DFW, Scott’s K9 trained Belgian Malinois are available to families living all over the state of Texas. We have been placing loyal, loving dogs with families in the Houston area for decades. Whether you frequently leave your family home while you’re out of town and you worry for their safety in your absence or want a “bodyguard” with you while you’re away, we have the dog for you.

Our trained protection dogs are equal parts fierce protector and loyal pet. With the right command your dog can go from playing gently with your kids and pets to defending them at all costs. We believe you will feel safer with a Scott’s K9 in your life.


Why Choose Scott’s K9 Protection Dogs?

Our owner and head trainer, Steve Scott, is a veteran of the US Army. During his deployment, he worked with the top protection dog kennels in Europe to supply the US military and police departments with the best trained K9s in the world. Today,  Steve uses his expertise and European connections to make trained Belgian Malinois available to any one in the United States with protection needs.

Every dog is carefully vetted to ensure that we only place dogs that are the cream of the crop here. We also interview and get to know you. When we place a trained protection dog in your home, we want to be confident that the dog and your family are a perfect fit. We will never sell a dog if we are not 100% confident that both you and our dog will make a great team.


The Scott’s K9 Guarantee

Every one of our Belgian Malinois have been checked for both health and performance. We will never sell a dog that we would not want to protect us in a Law Enforcement capacity or protect our own children – that’s how seriously we take your safety! Our Master Trainers will hand-deliver your dog to you in Houston, Texas. There’s no limit to how far we will go to keep our neighbors safe.

Protection Dogs Available in Houston, Texas









We always have a rotating cycle of available protection dogs on our site. Look at the list and see if one feels like the next member of your family.

You can also contact us directly to find out what dogs we may have coming in shortly.


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