Our goal is to provide the highest quality protection dogs in the world. We do this through superior breeding, training, and customer service. We know that the dog you purchase from us will become part of your family or your law enforcement unit, so we put forth the extra effort to ensure that you receive the very best. We are thankful that many of our clients have referred others to us or come back to purchase a second or third dog from us. Referrals and repeat business are the best compliments we can receive. Below are some testimonials from a few of our past clients.

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belgian malinois

D. & R. (South Dakota)

Just can not say enough about Steve’s assessment of what we needed and the dog he placed with us —he is everything Steve told us and more. He is perfect in every way and surprises us continually at what an asset to our family he has become and how well adjusted he is to us and his he fit into our lifestyle . We are so thankful we found Scott’s K9 and were able to work with Steve and glean the benefits of his life experience in the area of evaluation and training dogs for personal protection. We are thankful that we did not make a mistake in working with some of the folks we first contacted thinking all people acted in the manner they did and had such poor customer service and follow up. So, thank you Steve for being the person you are and all that you provide and also for our wonderful personal protection dog.

belgian malinois


My journey began approximately 12 years ago searching for a highly trained Belgian Malinois. I spent around 2 years doing exhaustive research online and telephone interviews. I also visited three separate trainers/facilities to evaluate their practices and quality of animals. Upon meeting Steve Scott, I knew he was the right professional to be speaking with. In all seriousness, I probably called Steve over 20 times asking the same questions and he always answered my questions in a transparent way and was honest with the dogs he had and most importantly their personality. He was patient, spoke to my wife and myself, and respected our needs and most importantly possessed integrity through the conversations. I took delivery of my new baby “Queen Kyra” and she is exactly what we were looking for. I can’t thank Steve enough for everything and also regard him now as a friend.

german shepherd


The first phone call to Steve, my husband and I asked many questions! Steve was excellent to share with us all the information we asked about. At the end of the phone call my husband said I believe we’re going to get a dog from him! After more checking and reading reviews, indeed we got our protection dog Abe in March of 2017. Abe became an instant member of the family! Abe bonded with my husband immediately, Steve and Randy our trainers were exceptional in working with us. My husband passed away in December and Abe is my protector and does a wonderful job! Abe is there for me, I love him and always will! Thank you both so much Steve and Randy, they have kept in contact with me and continue to do so!

belgian malinois

S. Saud (Dallas, Texas)

Boris has exceeded all of my expectations. He has acclimated with my family in an unbelievable way. His ability and intelligence have made him a joy for us all. He is also around a lot of people daily. His ability to interact socially is second to none. I grew up with two German Shepherds and the difference between the training is unmatched.


Doug and Shiela H. (California, Kentucky)

We purchase Jessie from Scott K9 at Christmas 2018, wow what an incredible dog, she has adapted to our family amazingly, she loves being around us, she is a great dog! My wife is a Chiropractic and Jesse goes to the office everyday and has done amazing. If you are looking for a great dog, I have owned 5 Malinois over the last 10 years and they have all been just good family dog. I knew when I need a great protection dog that the Malinois was the only dog I was going to have. After months of research we decided on Steven Scott and Scott’s K9, (as much I love busting Steve chops) I will be the first to say that the experience with Steve and Scott’s K9 was not only first class it was truly World Class! The way that Steve answer ALL our questions while trying to pick the right dog for us to the way he made the buying experience was truly first class and professional. After deciding on Jesse with the help from Steve and telling him about our home, family, office, and life style we could not be happier. The dog was delivered again first class, Steve and Josh trained us for Jesse for two days, answer all of our question before they left and since the time they left Steve has constantly check on us and Jesse, Steve has never not answered our calls (and there has been a few). I fill like we have built an real relationship with Steve and Scott’s K9 and for us that means a lot. If you are looking for the best overall personal protection dog in the world that you want to be a real and easy part of your life you need to look no farther! Scott’s K9 is truly World class from the first call through the training you have to have an amazing dog, I couldn’t recommend them any higher.

belgian malinois

Troy W. (Denver, Colorado)

WOW! I purchased a Belgian Malinois Protection Dog from Scott’s K9 & I am 110% satisfied. I am a single person who lives in a very upscale part of town, with businesses in a rough part of town. I wanted a protection dog for when I go to the office late at night, home protection & also a loyal companion, while I build my businesses. But I had concerns: ​-Which breed would be best? I researched protection dogs & learned the Belgian Malinois is hands-down the best, plus they can live +14 years. ​-Where should I get my dog? I researched all available breeders/trainers that I could find in the US & I had the most confidence in Scott’s K9. I also looked outside of the US & still believed Scott’s would definitely be the best choice. -I am very busy with 3 businesses & I was asking myself, was the dog going to take my limited free time? The dog has taken some of my free time, but he is very loyal & fun to hang-out with & I actually have more energy. I am getting more accomplished because I am taking him to work on evenings & weekends. -Was shedding in the car & house going to be a problem? It has not been an issue at all. I purchased a special dog brush that Steve recommended & the dog sits or lays-down automatically in the back of my SUV. He is not all over the vehicle like past dogs I have owned. He lays on his dog bed when asked & even when not on his dog bed the hair has not been an issue in the house or at work. He still has his puppy side as Steve calls it “Malinois Moments”. This is only when I allow him to, as normally he just wants to be on command, ready to do whatever I tell him. Steve flew him to town & had a planned transition that went flawlessly. The dog has bonded very quickly & it is like I have had him since he was a puppy. I was thinking of renaming him “Shadow”, as he does not want to leave my side. -I have a very special cat which I could not risk getting hurt by the dog. Steve chose a few of the dogs that he thought might match my personality & tested them around cats. Steve was there when the cat & dog were introduced & I followed his instructions on getting them acclimated to each other after he left. So far I have only had/seen positive interactions between the cat & dog. -Would the dog bother other dogs in my neighborhood, when on walks? Nope, he will be friendly if I allow him, otherwise he ignores them, even when fetching his ball at the park. -What would I do with him on days I cannot take him to work? He is fine in his kennel or roaming the house. -Is he going to be vicious to people? He is not the type of dog to bite people who are not a threat, as the stereotypical Doberman or Rottweiler might. He is super friendly, unless there is a threat. -My cat has his own restroom/toilet….all I have to do is flush it. The last thing I want to do is carry a “dog poop” bag when the dog & I are on walks. With Steve’s instructions I have had success teaching the dog to use a specific part of my yard (4ft x 3ft) area, before going on a walk. -Would I ever hear from Steve after the purchase? Absolutely. Steve is always reachable by text or phone & even checks-in with me to make sure things are going smoothly. His customer service is incredible as he feels he is responsible for the life of this dog & the future dogs that I purchase from him. -I wondered what his obedience would be like. His obedience is over the top. He will stay for hours (I do not like to leave him that long but if necessary at work for example he will stay quietly where I tell him), stop in-route to fetch his ball, snap to a heel position, sit, etc. -What would his attack training be like? He was amazing in the attack drills when Steve & Daniel were here training him at my businesses & at my home, yet when he is not in attack mode he is the friendliest & has the best temperament. *I know I was not the easiest client to purchase a dog from Steve. Probably one of the most difficult, as Steve was very patient, talking to me for months before I finally decided to make the commitment & purchase my dog. **Selecting Scott’s K9 has definitely been worth it & I recommend it to anybody looking for a loyal, amazingly obedient & well tempered protection dog, of the absolute highest level! Sincerely, WTW