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All Guard Dogs For Sale Go Through Police K9 Training, are Sold with a Performance and Health Guarantee, and are Hand Delivered by a Master Trainer.

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Executive Protection & Family Guard Dogs For Sale

Scott’s K9 Protection Dogs trains and sells top-tiered family dogs. While Scott’s has handled many breeds over the years, we typically specialize in German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. Due to the extensive training required to produce and effective guard dog, the dogs we sell are between two and three years of age. We do not sell puppies.  

We do our best to tailor the training levels on the specific abilities of the dog. We also consider the needs of the client as we finish our dogs’ training. Each dog’s training will differ somewhat depending on whether the dog will be used for family protection, estate protection, executive protection, or in a tactical environment like police or military. Our fully trained protection dogs for sale are the best in the market when it comes to your family safety.

Scott’s K9 Protection Dogs has served clients in many industries, including:

  • Local Law Enforcement Units
  • Private Citizens with Large Estates
  • Families with Young Children
  • Executives
  • Private Security Firms

Steve Scott, our owner and head trainer is a Certified Police K9 Master Trainer and one of the top security dog trainers in the United States. Through selective importing and top notch training, the dogs we sell are among the best protection dogs in the world. That is why we guarantee both the training and the health of every dog we sell. 

Loyal, Devoted Members of the Family

Scott’s Police K9 Protection Dogs is the leading resource for family guard dogs and estate protection dogs. Our dogs are trained to the same standards as working police. We offer unsurpassed protection, while remaining safe and loyal family members.

From the time they were puppies, our dogs were trained not only to protection, but to love children.  Scott’s Malinois and German Shepherd dogs are fiercely loyal to their families and are the ultimate protectors when called upon to defend their masters. Scott’s protection K9s come from elite bloodlines and are among the toughest, strongest, and most intelligent protection dogs on the market, with the ability to protect against multiple threats. However, these dogs remain playful, loyal and gentle canines toward children and the family.

Our dogs also integrate well with other family dogs. Before we deliver each dog, it spends time at the home of our owner, where it socializes with his family and his dogs. One should not be worried if it already has a “family dog.” Scott’s K9 Protection Dogs will fit right in as the family protector and will mesh well with the other family animals.

All Guard Dogs Go Through Police K9 Training

The German Shepherd is a powerfully built dog with a famously triangular, slightly elongated body. It has powerful thighs and strong, straight forelegs. The bushy tail hangs down when the dog is relaxed. 

The German Shepherd originated in Karlsruhe, Germany in the 1800s and was first exhibited at a show in Hanover in 1882. A very intelligent dog, the German Shepherd is a responsive and enthusiastic worker. It marries these traits with fierce loyalty, great bravery and an abundance of energy, which makes it an excellent protection dog. Because of its intelligence and great stores of energy, the dog must be taken on vigorous walks every day and get plenty of exercise. It craves training and needs a sense of purpose.

Like the German Shepherd, the Malinois was bred to herd stock and is the only Belgian shepherd with a short coat. It is also one of the oldest breeds of Belgian shepherds and originated in near Malines, Belgium. Its origins date back to the 13th century, yet though it took till 1959 for the American Kennel Club to recognize the breed. Its head resembles the German Shepherd’s, and breeders prefer black shading on the triangular ears and long, tapering muzzle. It has a ruff of hair on the neck, and its thighs are fringed with somewhat longer hair.

The Malinois is a lighter dog than the German Shepherd, though it is around the same height and has a deep chest. It has a double, water-resistant coat that can range from fawn-colored to solid black. Like the German Shepherd, it also makes an excellent protection dog, but has a reputation for being a bit less biddable and requiring a gentle, firm and consistent hand. When fully trained as a protection or police dog, the Malinois’ bravery is unparallelled. 

Both the German Shepherd and the Malinois make excellent protection dogs, though the Malinois may need a bit more training. Their protection training is a great start for these dogs, but they can excel at house training and police style training.

German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois Family Guard Dogs

Scott’s Police K9 receives its protection dogs for sale from some of the most exclusive kennels in Europe. These kennels have produced some of the finest sport and protection dogs in the world. Scott’s has special access to these breeders where other American protection dog companies do not.  Scott’s hand selects the best dogs that our breeders have to offer (the dogs that remain go on to become police dogs or military security dogs). We then take our dogs through a detailed training program to get the dogs ready to serve as family protection or executive protection dogs.

The result is a highly trained German Shepherd that is capable of defending a family or individual from any threat, as well as advanced detection abilities. We pride ourselves on our dogs, and take the time to offer our clients best possible protection dog for their specific needs.

Our Trained Guard Dogs’ Abilities Include:

  • Pursue Attacker and Apprehend
  • Advanced Bite and Hold Security
  • Defend Owner (From Vehicle Starting Point)
  • Full Obedience (Off-Leash)
  • Perimeter Search

Our Scott’s Police K9 Protection Dogs have completed socialization training and are ready to become members of a family and home setting or executive security environment.

“I’ve consulted with Steve Scott on many occasions. He is a true professional in his field and really cares about both his dogs and his clients.” -Brandon Barnett, Criminal Defense Attorney (Fort Worth, Texas)

“I’ve gotten two dogs from Scott’s K9. Both are simply amazing.”

-Jeff Warrant

“I would recommend [Scott’s K9] to anyone who is looking to purchase the absolute best companion, perfect standard and obedience of the Malinois.”

-Joshua Poticha