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Steve Scott trains and sells the top 1% of all German Shepherd and Malinois protection dogs in the country. He knows that the family protection dog you purchase from Scott's Police K9 will become part of your family or your law enforcement unit, so he and his team put forth the extra effort to ensure that you receive the very best.

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Social, Family-Safe, Fully-Trained Protection Dogs

A Scott’s Police K9, our dogs are trained to provide a level of service and protection that is worthy of elite military use, while still being loving members of the family. Our testimonials and references pages are full of family, executives, and law enforcement agencies that have trusted their families and their units with one of our trained protection dogs.

While our dogs rank among the most disciplined and professional in the guard dog category, our dogs are much more than guard dogs – they love children and are the safest, and most loyal protection dogs known to man. There is no threat that our highly-trained German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois won’t defend against in protection of “their flock.”

Scott’s protection German Shepherds are tougher, stronger, and more intelligent than any bad guy with the ability to protect against multiple attackers. However, unless called to action by their owner, these dogs are playful, gentle and loyal canines. We train every owner on recall techniques and teach them how to employ their dog as a deterrent or protector. But most of all, we train every dog to love its family, including other animals.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Scott's Police K9 has provided family protection dogs and police K9s to families and government agencies across the world. Take a look at what our clients say about the German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois protection dogs and the service that they received from Scott's Police K9.


I would like to thank you and your company for my new dog Ki. When I decided upon Scotts K-9 for my purchase of a family protection dog and companion, I had researched many companies throughout the United States and...

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I was unaware of family protection dogs until I went in search for a “companion” dog for our little girl, Lucy. Lucy is four years old and suffers from a long list of medical challenges – her main diagnosis is...

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The Nation's Leading Provider of Elite Family Protection Dogs

We know that the German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois protection dog you purchase from us will become part of your family or your law enforcement unit, so we put forth the extra effort to ensure that you receive the very best. Our company has been training and selling the nation's best protection dogs for over 14 years. Few other companies can match our experience with protection dogs. Call us today to experience the difference.

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