Master Dog Trainer Steve Scott German Shepherd Guard Dog

Owner Steve Scott

Steve Scott is a veteran of the US Army. He deployed to numerous foreign countries and lived in Europe, where he was able to form a working relationship with the top protection dog kennels. After his service in the Army, Steve pursued a career in Law Enforcement, earning honors as the head trainer of his Police Department’s K9 Unit. Steve’s real-world police K9 experience is what sets Scott’s Police K9 apart from other protection dog companies. With Steve’s dog training expertise and his access to the top European kennels, our Family Protection Dogs and trained Police Dogs are second to none.

Steve is a “no-nonsense” type of guy that will teach you exactly what you need to know about how to integrate your new family protection dog into your family. Steve takes the time to train you, your children, and other family members, on how to properly employ your guard dog in any given situation. As a certified trainer, Steve Scott puts in the time to ensure that your family gets a dog that is safe and social with the family members, but also ready to protect you if the need arises.

Certified Police K9 Master Trainers

Steve is a Master Trainer and is also a Certifying Official through many Police Agencies. Steve has developed a training method that has been proven both in Iraq and on the streets that is 100% effective. With his real-world experience, he and his team can produce the best K9s in the world for home protection, police departments, and government agencies. Steve personally oversees the training of each and every dog.

Agencies Utilizing Our Dogs

Steve has sold 1000's of protection and police dogs to families, celebrities, Police K9 Trainers, Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal Agencies, Military Units, and Private Security Companies for Executive Protection and Family Protection. As our head importer, Steve personally travels to Europe to test and purchase the dogs he sells. More recently, Scott's Police K9 was awarded the contract to supply the entire Iraqi Army with all of their K9s for explosive and narcotics detection.

Executive Security Partners

Scott's K9 specializes in world-class protection dogs. Some of our executive and celebrity clients ask about additional executive protection services, such as bodyguard services. For this, we recommend only one firm - CASS Global Executive Protection. Like Scott's K9, CASS has a passion for being the best at what they do. Every client that we have referred to CASS Global has provided excellent reviews. Visit CASS Global on the web or call them at (844) 616-7380.

About Our Protection Dogs

Scott's Police K9 specializes in providing elite, fully-trained German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois protection dogs for sale. Most of the executive protection dogs and family guard dogs that we provide are German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois, between two and three years of age, depending on the level of training.

Our training levels vary depending on the ability of the dog and the needs of the client, whether for use in personal executive protection, estate protection, or family protection. Learn more about the levels of police dog training and pricing for our guard dogs for sale.

Scott's Police K9 LLC receives inquiries from all over the world from discerning individuals who are looking for the absolute best protection dog. Scott's Elite Protection Dogs have served a wide array of clients in many industries, including:

  • Law Enforcement
  • U.S. Federal Agencies
  • Private Citizens
  • Individuals with Special Needs
  • Governments
  • Executives
  • Celebrities
  • Security Firms
  • Large Estates (in acreage)

Our protection dog importers and trainers are Certified Master Trainers, Certified Police K-9 Trainers and former US Military service members. The trained canines we offer as guard dogs for sale are the absolute best in the world for use not only in law enforcement and security settings but also as personal, executive, and family protection dogs. All of our dogs are trained to the highest standards in protection, but are also safe, loving, and social members of any family. They integrate well with children and other pets.

Family Protection Dogs for Sale | Belgian Malinois Dog for Sale

Hand-Picked European Bloodlines | Top-Tier Protection Dogs

Our trained security dogs come from the finest European breeders and bloodlines. Scott's extensive history and relationships with these special breeders give us right of first refusal on the best bred German Shepherds, Dutch Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois in the world.

We hand-pick our executive protection dogs and then personally escort them back to the United States where they undergo some of the most intensive K9 protection training in the world. We have access to the top 1% of all protection dogs - dogs that other companies cannot get.

The result is a highly-trained German Shepherd or Malinois that is capable of defending a family or individual from any threat, and able to detect threats to those whom they protect. We take pride in providing world-class protection dogs and take the time to offer our clients best possible protection dog for their specific needs.

Our Protection Dogs' Abilities include:

Belgian Malinos Protection Dogs for Sale Texas

Pursue and Apprehend

On command, our dogs pursue attackers and apprehend them until released.

Fully Trained Guard Dogs for Sale Texas

Advanced Off-Leash Obedience

Our dogs can go anywhere, as they are trained to exhibit strict obedience without the need for a leash.

Perimeter Search Protection Dogs for Sale

Perimeter Search

Scott's dogs are able to search the area for hidden threats both inside and outside the home.

Family Protection German Shepherd Dogs for Sale in Texas

Bite and Hold

On command, our dogs will bite and hold an attacker until released by the master.

Executive Protection Dogs for Sale Texas | Vehicle Protection

Defend Handler While Within Vehicle

Scott's dogs are trained to monitor their handlers from inside a vehicle and spring into action when the need arises.

Family Friendly Trained Family Guard Dogs

100% Family Acclimated

Our dogs are all 100% acclimated to a family and home environment or executive security setting.

Police Trained German Shepherd & KNPV Belgian Malinois

Since its founding by Master Trainer Steve Scott, Scott’s Police K9 has become the leading importers and trainer of military-grade security, police and executive protection dogs in the United States. Our dogs are certified by either the Schutzhund or KNPV standards and come from the top 1% of protection dog breeders in the world.

Scott’s Police K9 has trained and delivered over 3,000 German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois (and occasionally other breeds) police and protection dogs all over the world.

Our executive protection dogs are highly adaptable to any environment, bred to the highest standard in the world with the same trained abilities and level of quality as the German Shepherds used by elite military units worldwide.

Scott’s security dogs provide unsurpassed protection for families, individuals, executives, and businesses. We hand-deliver your new dog to you and will train you on how to command your new protection dog.

Family Protection Dogs

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