About the Owner

Master Dog Trainer Steve Scott with German Shepherd

Steve Scott – Head Trainer/Owner

Steve spent over 10 years in the US Army. He has been deployed to numerous foreign countries and has lived in Europe where he was able to form a working relationship with the top kennels. After leaving the US Army, Steve pursued a career in Law Enforcement and was the head trainer of his Departments K9 Unit. Steve’s real world experience is what sets Scotts Police K9 apart from others. With countless real world apprehensions and true street proven dogs our Police and Home Protection Dogs are second to none.

Master Trainers

Steve is a Master Trainer, and is also a Certifying Official through many organizations. Steve has developed a training method that has been proven both in Iraq and on the streets that is 100% effective. With his real world experience, he and his team are able to produce the best K9′s in the world for home protection, police departments and government agencies. Steve personally oversees the training of each and every dog.

Agencies Utilizing Our Dogs

Steve has sold 1000’s of K-9′s to Police K-9 Trainers, Law Enforcement Agencies, Federal Agencies, Military, Private Security Companies and the Public for Executive Protection. As our head Importer, Steve personally travels to Europe to test and purchase the dogs he sells. Scott’s Police K9 was awarded the contract to supply the entire Iraqi Army with all of their K9′s for explosive and narcotics detection.

Security Partners

Scott’s K9 specializes in world-class protection dogs. Some of our client ask about additional executive protection services, such as bodyguard services. For this, we recommend only one firm – CASS Global Executive Protection. CASS is the best at what they do. When I refer a client to CASS Global, I receive excellent reviews. Visit CASS Global on the web or call them at (844) 616-7380.