Client Testimonials

Our goal is to provide the highest quality protection dogs in the world. We do this through superior breeding, training, and customer service. We know that the dog you purchase from us will become part of your family or your law enforcement unit, so we put forth the extra effort to ensure that you receive the very best. We are thankful that many of our clients have referred others to us or come back to purchase a second or third dog from us. Referrals and repeat business are the best compliments we can receive. Below are some testimonials from a few of our past clients.

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Robbie Malinois Family Protection Dog for Sale

K.K. - Highland Park, Texas (Malinois)

As a single female who lives and travels alone, Robbie has brought peace to my life….. I feel confident he’s being watchful and taking care of me even when not under command. He’s always attracting attention but he’s social only until he feels there’s something I need to know about. Complete confidence he is always aware of our surroundings and will keep me safe. He goes everywhere with me, symphony, museums, art exhibits, restaurants….He’s beyond my expectations….guardian, best friend, protector…

I spent 3 years and multiple interviews before I met and knew Steve was the one I could trust to provide my protection dog. He sells you the right dog for you! Steve is a true professional, proud of his work and has excellent dogs to prove it. I would never think twice about going back to Steve for a Malinois. You can tell how much he cares about his dogs and will provide you with a happy, healthy member of the family.

J.O. - Tampa, Florida (Malinois)

Our experience with Scott’s K9 has been fantastic from the beginning. Steve was very quick to respond and answer all our questions while we were doing our research. The delivery of Kahn was amazing. Steve and Josh immediately made us comfortable and we not only learned a lot during the two days of training, but really enjoyed the experience as well. Kahn and the entire process have exceeded our expectations. The bonding process was very fast, including bonding with our two existing small dogs. Kahn immediately settled in as a new member of the family. He’s obedient, affectionate, athletic, loyal and handsome. He loves following us around the house and setting his head down on our feet to sleep or laps to be pet. He also travels perfectly in the back of our SUV. Kahn is calm and relaxed, yet we know he’d be ready to protect us if ever required. We’d absolutely recommend Scott’s K9.
Rossi Belgian Malinois Family Protection Dog

Ahmed Y. - Dallas, TX (Malinois)

If you are considering working with K9 trainer, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Scotts K9. This guy will personally get into the bite suit himself and test every single dog sold. Scotts K9 and his staff will handle each and every dog and make sure the dog’s obedience is at the highest level possible, even under extreme pressure. They have proven to have the skills necessary to produce the best Protection Dogs in the business! Purchasing Rossi, my K9 service dog who is uniquely stable and confident, was the best decision I have made. Scotts K9 hard work is highly appreciated!
Best Malinois Protection Dog for Sale

Timo K. - Miami, Florida (Malinois)

We are so happy with Vinnie. He is like another son to me and I am forever grateful to have him in my and my family’s life. He is a lover sweetheart with my wife’s Frenchie…and she is the boss.

Troy - Belgian Malinois


I purchased a Belgian Malinois Protection Dog from Scott’s K9 & I am 110% satisfied. I am a single person who lives in a very upscale part of town, with businesses in a rough part of town. I wanted a protection dog for when I go to the office late at night, home protection & also a loyal companion, while I build my businesses. But I had concerns:

​-Which breed would be best?

I researched protection dogs & learned the Belgian Malinois is hands-down the best, plus they can live +14 years.

-Where should I get my dog?

I researched all available breeders/trainers that I could find in the US & I had the most confidence in Scott’s K9. I also looked outside of the US & still believed Scott’s would definitely be the best choice.

-I am very busy with 3 businesses & I was asking myself, was the dog going to take my limited free time?

The dog has taken some of my free time, but he is very loyal & fun to hang-out with & I actually have more energy. I am getting more accomplished because I am taking him to work on evenings & weekends.

-Was shedding in the car & house going to be a problem?

It has not been an issue at all. I purchased a special dog brush that Steve recommended & the dog sits or lays-down automatically in the back of my SUV. He is not all over the vehicle like past dogs I have owned. He lays on his dog bed when asked & even when not on his dog bed the hair has not been an issue in the house or at work.

He still has his puppy side as Steve calls it “Malinois Moments”. This is only when I allow him to, as normally he just wants to be on command, ready to do whatever I tell him.

Steve flew him to town & had a planned transition that went flawlessly. The dog has bonded very quickly & it is like I have had him since he was a puppy. I was thinking of renaming him “Shadow”, as he does not want to leave my side.

-I have a very special cat which I could not risk getting hurt by the dog.

Steve chose a few of the dogs that he thought might match my personality & tested them around cats. Steve was there when the cat & dog were introduced & I followed his instructions on getting them acclimated to each other after he left. So far I have only had/seen positive interactions between the cat & dog.

-Would the dog bother other dogs in my neighborhood, when on walks?

Nope, he will be friendly if I allow him, otherwise he ignores them, even when fetching his ball at the park.

-What would I do with him on days I cannot take him to work?

He is fine in his kennel or roaming the house.

-Is he going to be vicious to people?

He is not the type of dog to bite people who are not a threat, as the stereotypical Doberman or Rottweiler might. He is super friendly, unless there is a threat.

-My cat has his own restroom/toilet….all I have to do is flush it. The last thing I want to do is carry a “dog poop” bag when the dog & I are on walks.

With Steve’s instructions I have had success teaching the dog to use a specific part of my yard (4ft x 3ft) area, before going on a walk.

-Would I ever hear from Steve after the purchase?

Absolutely. Steve is always reachable by text or phone & even checks-in with me to make sure things are going smoothly. His customer service is incredible as he feels he is responsible for the life of this dog & the future dogs that I purchase from him.

-I wondered what his obedience would be like.

His obedience is over the top. He will stay for hours (I do not like to leave him that long but if necessary at work for example he will stay quietly where I tell him), stop in-route to fetch his ball, snap to a heel position, sit, etc.

-What would his attack training be like?

He was amazing in the attack drills when Steve & Daniel were here training him at my businesses & at my home, yet when he is not in attack mode he is the friendliest & has the best temperament.

*I know I was not the easiest client to purchase a dog from Steve. Probably one of the most difficult, as Steve was very patient, talking to me for months before I finally decided to make the commitment & purchase my dog.

**Selecting Scott’s K9 has definitely been worth it & I recommend it to anybody looking for a loyal, amazingly obedient & well tempered protection dog, of the absolute highest level!



Brad Thompson - Police K9 Handler

I’ve known Steve Scott professionally since about 2007. As the former Instructor/Trainer of the Fort Worth Police K9 Unit, I utilized Scotts Police K9 as one of my sources for acquiring good quality dogs. Steve is a solid, highly knowledgeable trainer in his own right and I always enjoyed my interaction with him and seeing the quality of dogs he was importing.

Brad Thompson
Fort Worth Police K9 Unit (Retired)

Buck Dutch Shepherd Police Dog

Len Polistina - Dutch Shepherd

Dear Steve,

I wanted to send you a brief referral letter in reference to our purchase of Buck, a 3 year old Dutch Shepherd.

Our background is as follows: We have children ranging from new born to 26 years old and needed a family dog that could function as a protection dog when needed. We also own a business in New Jersey and my wife has a FRO (final restraining order) on her ex-husband that has been very abusive at child exchanges.

We needed a protection dog that could travel with our family as well as has the ability to protect her when faced with a real-life threat. Our concern at first that we would get a K9 dog not well trained to our needs.

We did purchase from Scott’s K9 –  a Dutch Shepherd that exceeds our expectations every day!! Buck lives in our house, travels with us everywhere, and allows my wife to shop with our dog and be assured that nobody is going to approach her by surprise with ill intensions.

In fact, we have referred Steve and he has made two additional sales to our friends that our also very pleased with their purchase.

Purchasing an expensive protection dog was a difficult decision for us, however, we are glad we decided to deal with Scott! I am not sure he feels the same about me though (HA), we absolutely drove him nuts in the buying decision and he was able to retain us as customers and now as friends.

Contact me for any referral!

Len Polistina

Jeff Warrant - Belgian Malinois

Not sure I can say anything else that hasn’t been said from the other reviews. I’ve gotten two dogs from Scott’s K9. Both are simply amazing. I think Steve’s unique skill/differentiator is learning about his clients and being able to pair the right dog – not just by need, but also personality. I believe that helped us connect with our dogs quicker.
Adams Malanwa Family Guard Dog

Melissa Adams - Belgian Malinois

I’m a single mom with 4 children and wanted to find the perfect dog for a pet as well as protection purposes. The first time that I talked to Steve Scott he immediately knew which of his dogs would be a good fit for us and he couldn’t have been more right. Flipper was personally delivered by Mr. Scott himself and from the first minute he was there he was already part of our family. I take Flipper to work with me every day and he is able to transition between fun family time at home to quiet work time flawlessly. Flipper displays a loyalty and obedience that I have never seen in another dog. He is loving and gentle but yet I know that he wouldn’t hesitate to give his life to protect myself or my kids. I have never felt safer than when I have him by my side. To me, that is priceless. From our first contact until today Steve has been readily available to answer ANY questions that I might have. No matter how ridiculous they might be. The buying process was super simple and I could not be more pleased with this purchase. I didn’t have any handling experience with dogs and before Steven even finished the two day training course I felt like a pro. I would recommend Scotts’ Police K-9 to anyone who is interested in a highly trained, well mannered and over all excellent dog. Thank you!

Dr. and Mrs. Subramanian - German Shepherd

Dear Mr Scott, I had to write to tell you what a wonderful experience it has been working with you and your company. First impressions mean a lot, especially to a novice in the world of protection dogs. I found your company online and from the first call, I knew I was in the right place. The staff answered my calls promptly and answered all of my questions. They took the time to assess my living situation and suggest the dogs for me. I was nervous, with many questions. They answered every call like it was the first. Very polite and knowledgeable. Once we had settled on a dog- the buying experience was a breeze. Transfer of funds and documents was smooth and easy. I was provided with a contract that detailed exactly what I was getting. And I even received pictures of my dog as I was waiting for her. The day she was delivered was fun and informative, as I was taught how to speak with and handle my new best friend. Once again, even after delivery, my calls were answered each and every time. Never was I left high and dry or to fend for myself. It is obvious that this company really cares about both their dogs and their clients. “And the dogs?” I saved the best for last. They are beyond awesome. I purchased a male and a female. They were absolutely everything they were purported to be. Steady, even, stable dogs with spot on obedience and even a sense of fun. They can pass for family pets only—that is how kind and gentle they are. But make no mistake—their protection work is impressive. My husband is away from home a lot and I never have a moment of fear since my two dogs arrived. They are fabulous dogs. I would not trade them for anything and I have not one moment of regret. My quality of life has gone up 200% since they arrived. And finally, Mr Scott—as the owner of the business, you have been a pleasure to work with and get to know. It is obvious that you love what you do and care about both your dogs and your clients. The dogs are highly trained but in a way that doesn’t break their spirit. Their joy is intact and evident. That takes a great deal of compassion and skill. Thank you so much for my fabulous dogs. I will never go anywhere else should I need another dog.
Happy Client Best Protection Dogs

Angie Kennedy - German Shepherd

Words cannot describe the amazing impact our Dutch Shepherd has on our lives. From the moment we met our dog Arco, we saw his professional training and dedication to our safety. Arco’s acute training and breeding have given him the tools to hone in on my serious health issues. Once again he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty. I never leave home without him. Whenever we do business with any company the most important thing is customer service. During our purchase, delivery and after-sales communication has been impeccable. We have recommended Scott’s K9 to all who have thought of getting a Protection Dog. He is the best weapon in this crazy world we live in.

Kai Chen - German Shepherd

We are thrilled with Cash! He adapted to our family with confidence and ease. He joins in our activities with enthusiasm, incredible obedience and self control. Every day is a joy as he surprises us with his abilities, agility and devotion to us. One wouldn’t believe Cash’s ability to do protection work given his “puppy” like playfulness. When we take him out for walks people comment on how beautiful the color of his hair is and how well behaved he is. I am amazed by Cash’s intelligence and his understanding of commands in addition to carrying them out to perfection. When playing ball and Kong (which he loves) he is intense, eager, coordinated and great fun for us. Steve Scott is exceptional. He knows how to pick extraordinary dogs and is a superb teacher both to the dogs and their owners. We are extremely impressed with Steve’s skills and character. We were very impressed with Steve’s professionalism, his confidence, knowledge and his patient demeanor in dealing with Cash and with us during the training period. I cannot say enough great things about Steve and Cash. Steve told me after our first phone call that a Belgian Malinois that he has would be a good match for my wife and me. I was skeptical at first given the amount of research and conversations I had with other dog trainers saying that this breed wouldn’t be a good dog for a first time handler. Steve enlightened me about the Belgian Malinois. He has also been attentive and patient with me (helping me over the phone) during the entire process. We are deeply grateful for this wonderful dog. I investigated numerous competitor companies for a family protection dog that can not only protect but be 100% friendly and obedient. If this is what you are looking for then nothing comes close to Scott’s K9 and the individualized attention given to the dogs and prospective owners.

Terry Stump - Belgian Malinois

I just want to say how very well pleased we are with our our protection dog provided by Scott’s K9s. We talked to several different K9 protection dog providers before deciding to work with Steve Scott. He stood out as being very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He asked the right questions to determine what we were looking for in a protection dog. Our dog was delivered by a very knowledgable and personable trainer. He spent almost an hour talking to us about our dog and his needs and training, before he actually introduced us to our dog. The trainer spent two days with us, teaching us how to work with our dog (the dog was already very well trained; we just needed to be “trained” how to command him!).

Our dog responded to our commands on the very first day. On the second day, we were working off leash with him. He has settled into our family very well, is very affectionate and very well behaved. If I hadn’t seen him in his “attack ” mode, I would never believe he was capable of being so aggressive. We have been especially impressed by the follow-up support. The trainer who delivered our dog has stayed in contact with us, and has promptly answered our questions regarding training/correcting our dog. He has been a tremendous asset and we appreciate his ongoing support (I’m sure Steve would provide the same level of support. We just contact the trainer who personally delivered our dog because we now know him).

Our dog has already proven that he understands his role as a protector of our family. I wouldn’t hesitate to go anywhere with him by my side. I can’t even go outside to walk our other dogs without him being upset. He sits watch on the porch while I’m outside, otherwise, he sits inside and barks. Excellent dog! My baby! My protector!!!

D. Anthony - Spring Valley, Nevada

Scotts k9 provided our family with a quality level 3 protection dog that does everything as specified in our contract and more. Our family highly recommends purchasing a level 3 protection dog from this company, the entire process was very easy from start to finish. Scotts K9 even after the purchase is always available for questions. Our dog has fit into our family very quickly and we couldn’t be happier.

Rick Davis - Police K9 Handler, Mobile, AL (Belgian Malinois)

Just want to let everyone know that my experience dealing with Steve Scott was one of the best I have ever had. I purchased a dual purpose Malinois from Scott’s K9s and my K9 Bert is one of the best I have ever handled. Steve was very professional and went out of his way to accommodate my schedule and my needs. I do not believe you will find a better company to deal with anywhere in the country than Steve and his company Scotts Police K9s. It was an honor and a privilege for me meeting and dealing with Steve on my purchase and he is now a cherished friend as well. Contact him for all of your trained K9 needs, you will not be sorry.
Police Officers K9 Handler Dogs

Officer Jason Downs - Butler University Policy K9 Handler/Trainer

It is with well earned respect, I confidently recommend Scott’s K-9. I had the good fortune of meeting Stephen Scott several years ago during a business transaction of Police K-9’s. Steve and I have been friends since. I have learned a lot about Steve over the years, and I can tell you, he is one of the most honest and reliable persons I know. Steve always strives for excellence when choosing a K-9 partner for his clients. He backs up what he says and will never lie to make a sale. He wants only the best dogs so he can be confident his clients will have a loyal and loving dog for years to come!! I have personally seen Steve reject dogs because they did not live up to his standards. He is very knowledgeable of the K-9’s he acquires. Steve would rather sell only one great dog then sell 10 dogs he knows will not work!! He is top-notch in his profession. When our department needed a trained explosive dog we went straight to Steve.
Poticha Belgian Malinois Family Guard Dog

Joshua Poticha - Belgian Malinois

I would like to thank you and your company for my new dog Ki. When I decided upon Scotts K-9 for my purchase of a family protection dog and companion, I had researched many companies throughout the United States and concluded from testimonial and experience that Scotts k9 would be the correct choice. I waited one month before writing this letter to get a grasp on the reality of how special and amazing of a dog I had purchased. This letter is difficult to write as every expectation I had was met and far surpassed anything I could imagine. The months leading up to receiving Ki, Steve was in contact with myself the whole time giving me updates on the dog and information on handling the dog when received. Upon delivery of the dog, Steve and his associate arrived in South Carolina with complete professionalism and gave me a in depth training course and socialization skills with my Malinois. The bond between myself and the dog was within one day! Ki responded to my commands and wanted to please even though my Dutch was quite sub-par for her standards. The dog beyond her intellect is an absolute beautiful standard of the Belgian Malinois breed as I am reminded by anyone who comes in contact with her. The compassion and drive the dog expresses to myself is like none I have ever experienced from any dog I have owned or encountered in my life. After receiving my dog, Steve has been in contact to check the status of her and to answer any questions I might have and I know Steve will be there without a doubt any time I might need his assistance in the future.

In one month after receiving her I have taken Ki on four airplanes, traveled to three states, multiple cities and a four-day road trip throughout the desert of Southern Utah. On each airplane, car and in the airports, she was calm and attentive to all my commands despite the massive distractions all around. Not only did Ki behave with upmost manners she was the best companion I could ask for during my travels. Throughout the travel days in two very large airports across the country we encountered many “trained” service dogs who did not come close in comparison to the obedience and affection of Ki.

With the obedience and affection completely beyond expectation there was now the question of the personal defense and how she would react in dangerous situations and when a threat presented itself. Ki and I went on many long walks in the late hours of the evening throughout areas and parks of the city that I would not have gone out to before without an armed escort. Ki immediately was aware of the situation and completely alert to all her surroundings. Without any fear or apprehension, she walked as instructed in command as my personal bodyguard. Upon every encounter of all strangers she was alert of their presence many moments before I noticed a possible threat. She showed no sign of aggression to strangers but they knew she was watching their every movement and without a doubt would defend her owner’s life with her own, and I truly believe that.

Steve, I cannot thank you enough for my new family member Ki and I would recommend your company to anyone who is looking to purchase the absolute best companion, perfect standard and obedience of the Malinois and without a doubt a personal full-time family bodyguard for life.

Chad W. - Belgian Malinois

We were fortunate enough to spend time with our close friends who had purchased one of Steve’s dogs and we were impressed. Our lives had taken a path where it made sense to make the investment in a protection dog and, thus, a call to Steve was made. Steve was extremely responsive, a wealth of knowledge in regards to protection dogs, and more importantly, took the time to ease all concerns we had around the idea of a protection dog (we have small children, are they safe around youngsters, do they travel well, can they swim, etc). We might not have been so sure at that initial call, but Steve knew from our conversation that Nico was the one for us (and he was absolutely right). Steve and Josh (who is very talented as well!) brought Nico to us with extreme professionalism, knowledge (training and adapting Nico to our lives) and encouragement (they knew we would bond in a few days, even if we weren’t so sure).

Our expectations were exceeded – from the first call to bringing him to his new home to now sending photos and asking for tips and advice. We are lifelong clients and friends and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Steve for many years to come.

Billy - Belgian Malinois

I wanted to thank Steve Scott for training Jackie. I reached out though the website talk to Steve personally, which is nice. He met me and my family and we asked a lot of questions. Steve answered all my questions so he could find the right dog for my family.

Steve flew out with a member of his team and worked two days with my family and Jackie.

I high recommend Steve and his dogs. You will not be disappointed and he always answers the phone for help and questions. First class service thank you thank you.

Billy - Belgian Malinois

My wife and I realized we needed to consider a protection dog. We found ourselves in a concerning situation with our adopted son. Sadly, we are dealing with significant mental health issues, and he was becoming a danger and a threat to my wife. We spent several days evaluating different protection dog providers online. We came across Scott’s K9 Protection while doing our research and reached out to Steve. I explained our family situation and our concerns. He was very interactive and experienced. He listened to our concerns and needs. He responded by emails quickly and professionally. When we got a chance to talk on the phone, we knew we were in good hands.

Based on our needs, he recommended a specific dog. He was transparent, and available to all emails and texts as we worked through the process. He was trusting while I arranged funding for our new protection dog.

Steve and Mike delivered Titus last weekend. The delivery process and initial 2-day training was excellent and enjoyable. He is well trained, an excellent addition to our family. He has bonded well with my wife and is all we could have hoped for. When he meets new people, he is friendly, but then returns to my wife and stands between her and our guest. He senses danger at times with our son and stands between her and him until he senses a more normal mental state.

Steve regularly checks in and assures our dog is doing well and answers questions and makes recommendations. I am amazed at his training and ability. He is a big baby with my wife and loves cuddling and attention. He loves to go out in the morning and do regular obedience, but also loves just being a dog.

We feel blessed to have found Steve and Scott’s K9s. Titus has been everything we expected and more.

K. B. - Fairview, Texas (German Shepherd)

We were looking for a great family protection dog and after countless research we decided to reach out to Steve. His dogs are hands down the most loving, gentle dogs for your family. We have 3 young kids so we wanted to make sure that the dog would be as gentle as possible with the kids and he is. The best part of all is he is so obedient not just to me and my wife but to my kids. All he wants to do is please.

We know when he is around our family will be 100% safe. The thing I love about Steve is that he is a straight shooter, he tells it like it is and is 100% honest. You can not ask for more, I highly highly recommend Scott’s K9 to anyone looking to get a family protection dog.

S. W. - Bentonville, Arkansas (Malinois)

We purchased Wille in September 2019. He has been an unbelievable addition to our family. He is a beautiful, loyal dog. There is no doubt in my mind he would protect anyone in my family if the situation arose. However, even I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen it demonstrated for myself in training. Simply put, he is so docile, affectionate, and gentle that it is hard to believe that he has that switch at all unless you have seen it for yourself. We have two smaller dogs as well and he integrated seamlessly with the other dogs and our children. Stephen has taken all of my calls over the last few months and answered any little question I have had along the way. The customer service after the fact no doubt separates Scott’s K9’s from most businesses.
Boaz Malinois Family Guard Dog TX

S. & B. - Highland Park, Texas (Malinois)

We bought Boaz in February of 2018. Best decision ever!!! I’ll never own another dog other than an Malinois trained by Scott’s K-9. Boaz is the perfect dog. Not only a strong and fierce protection dog, but he’s a sweet, loving member of our family. A big teddy bear. Boaz is extremely well trained, obedient and loyal. He sleeps in our bedroom every night and we travel with him everywhere….by plane or car. Truly a perfect dog.

Steve and Daniel are amazing. They have a true passion for training their dogs….and doing it well. Even after purchasing Boaz, Steve and Daniel have worked with me on training Boaz. It’s been such a wonderful experience that we purchased a second Malinois for our daughter, from Scotts K9.


Doug and Shiela H. - California, Kentucky (Malinois)

We purchase Jessie from Scott K9 at Christmas 2018, wow what an incredible dog, she has adapted to our family amazingly, she loves being around us, she is a great dog! My wife is a Chiropractic and Jesse goes to the office everyday and has done amazing. If you are looking for a great dog, I have owned 5 Malinois over the last 10 years and they have all been just good family dog. I knew when I need a great protection dog that the Malinois was the only dog I was going to have. After months of research we decided on Steven Scott and Scott’s K9, (as much I love busting Steve chops) I will be the first to say that the experience with Steve and Scott’s K9 was not only first class it was truly World Class! The way that Steve answer ALL our questions while trying to pick the right dog for us to the way he made the buying experience was truly first class and professional. After deciding on Jesse with the help from Steve and telling him about our home, family, office, and life style we could not be happier. The dog was delivered again first class, Steve and Josh trained us for Jesse for two days, answer all of our question before they left and since the time they left Steve has constantly check on us and Jesse, Steve has never not answered our calls (and there has been a few). I fill like we have built an real relationship with Steve and Scott’s K9 and for us that means a lot. If you are looking for the best overall personal protection dog in the world that you want to be a real and easy part of your life you need to look no farther! Scott’s K9 is truly World class from the first call through the training you have to have an amazing dog, I couldn’t recommend them any higher.
Boris Dutch Malinois Family Guard Dogs for Sale

S. Saud - Malinois

Boris has exceeded all of my expectations. He has acclimated with my family in an unbelievable way. His ability and intelligence have made him a joy for us all. He is also around a lot of people daily. His ability to interact socially is second to none. I grew up with two German Shepherds and the difference between the training is unmatched.

Roseanne - German Shepherd

The first phone call to Steve, my husband and I asked many questions! Steve was excellent to share with us all the information we asked about. At the end of the phone call my husband said I believe we’re going to get a dog from him! After more checking and reading reviews, indeed we got our protection dog Abe in March of 2017. Abe became an instant member of the family! Abe bonded with my husband immediately, Steve and Randy our trainers were exceptional in working with us. My husband passed away in December and Abe is my protector and does a wonderful job! Abe is there for me, I love him and always will! Thank you both so much Steve and Randy, they have kept in contact with me and continue to do so!
Kyra Malinois Family Protection Dog

Brad - Belgian Malinois

My journey began approximately 12 years ago searching for a highly trained Belgian Malinois. I spent around 2 years doing exhaustive research online and telephone interviews. I also visited three separate trainers/facilities to evaluate their practices and quality of animals.

Upon meeting Steve Scott, I knew he was the right professional to be speaking with. In all seriousness, I probably called Steve over 20 times asking the same questions and he always answered my questions in a transparent way and was honest with the dogs he had and most importantly their personality. He was patient, spoke to my wife and myself, and respected our needs and most importantly possessed integrity through the conversations.

I took delivery of my new baby “Queen Kyra” and she is exactly what we were looking for. I can’t thank Steve enough for everything and also regard him now as a friend.

Best Police Trained Dogs to Buy

D & R - South Dakota

Just can not say enough about Steve’s assessment of what we needed and the dog he placed with us —he is everything Steve told us and more. He is perfect in every way and surprises us continually at what an asset to our family he has become and how well adjusted he is to us and his he fit into our lifestyle .

We are so thankful we found Scott’s K9 and were able to work with Steve and glean the benefits of his life experience in the area of evaluation and training dogs for personal protection. We are thankful that we did not make a mistake in working with some of the folks we first contacted thinking all people acted in the manner they did and had such poor customer service and follow up.

So, thank you Steve for being the person you are and all that you provide and also for our wonderful personal protection dog.


Annette Weiser - Belgian Malinois

We are in love with our new dog Brody!! Words simply cannot describe the thanks we have for Steve Scott and his company, trainers and dogs!! Brody is the most well behaved, trained, loving and astute dog I️ have ever owned in my life! Brody has already been to Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods, the Hair Salon and he was a perfect gentleman. Thank you Steve for blessing us with Brody and making me feel safe!!
Flanagan Family Guard Dog

Kristin Flanagan - German Shepherd

My family and I came across Scott’s K9 online. Stephen Scott is very professional, efficient and personable. The K9s for sale were difficult to choose from, being they were all beautiful and impressive. Mr. Scott made sure the K9 we chose fit our family of four, with two small children. Mr. Scott was, and continues to be, available for any questions. Compared with other K9 security companies, I highly recommend Scott’s K9 over any other.
Fowles Belgian Malinois Protection Dog

John Fowles - Belgian Malinois

It is my pleasure to write a review about my experience with Scott’s K-9’s. I must say dealing with Mr. Stephen Scott has been a great experience. He is the real deal! I was fortunate enough to find his website. I have been looking for a protection dog for about a year. Never having a dog like this made me go out and do research on different dogs and number of websites. I am the type that does my homework before I buy. I wanted an obedient dog that I could take with me anywhere. I work a lot of late hours and thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a protection dog with me. Plus I have two daughters that like to run at night and I would feel much better with a protector.

I searched and searched and was never happy with any of the people I spoke to meaning other businesses out there selling dogs. I felt like I was being given some cheesy sales job from these other businesses and all I felt was they would tell me anything to sell me a dog. Most that I spoke to said I could come pick a dog up from them or they would ship it to me with a video or some instructions on how to. For me this just didn’t sit right so I decided to keep looking.

I was lucky enough to find Scott’s K-9’s. I looked through his site and there is a lot of great information here if you read through it all. So I filled out the online information form and Steve called me right away. I was very impressed with his immediate response, As soon as I spoke to Steve I immediately thought “finally someone who really knows what he is talking about”. Steve is a NO BS guy and trust me this is the guy you want to deal with. He tells it exactly how it is and I can’t tell you how valuable that is when making a purchase like this. Steve has an impressive background he proudly served our country in the U.S. Military and he is also a police officer and has decades of experience with these dogs. He is tough as nails just like his dogs but he has a big heart and really cares about his dogs and clients and that is very clear and you see this in his work and the way he runs his business.

Steve’s service has been excellent. Anytime I have a question he has been there with a prompt answer before, during, and after the purchase. He wants to make sure you and the dog are happy. Steve and I discussed my needs and was able to match me to a dog. Their was no arm twisting sales job, no lies, no BS. We decided on the dog and Steve told me he was going to personally deliver the dog, again very impressive. Included in the cost of my dog was delivery and 2 days training. Steve delivered the dog as promised. I spoke to him on a Saturday night and I had my dog the following Saturday, how can you beat that? Steve made me feel very comfortable purchasing the dog. He told me that he delivers all his dogs that way he can make sure that you are happy and the dog is the perfect match. He showed up with my new best friend and in minutes the dog was already taking to me and very friendly. Imagine how stressful it is for a dog to fly in a plane for 2000 miles then to get off the plane to meet its new master. Not this dog he is amazing and all the credit must be given to Steve. Most of my review is dedicated to Steve because he is the man behind these fantastic dogs.

Let me tell you a little about my dog, He is exactly 100% as Steve described. He is the most obedient dog I have ever seen. He is such an awesome dog and always wants to please. Its so amazing that he is such a friendly loving dog to all family and friends, but make no mistake when you need him for protection he is all business, just a fantastic incredible dog. He has settled in with me so fast I feel like he has been my dog for years and I know he will be the best friend I will ever have. Let me just finish by saying my new dog is the most fantastic dog I have ever come across in my life. I would not give him up for anything ever!!! Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed ever with a dog from Scott’s K-9. Thank you so much Steve!!

Mark Acedo - German Shepherd

If you want a REAL protection dog – then call Steve Scott. The dog I received was nothing short of a police dog: very high drive and very protective. But the dog was also never handler or people aggressive which made for a perfect combination.
Bennett German Shephers Protection Dog Scott K9

Felisha Bennett - Malinois

Steve, I wanted to say Thank you! For always answering my text or calls, for giving great advice, for checking in on us, for making every step in our process easy ( purchase, delivery & numerous questions). Holex is an AMAZING good looking animal with great instincts and heart of gold. We’ve been together a little over a month now and our bond is so strong. Holex is very protective and is a great running partner. We’ve been in the woods, at dog parks and on running/ hiking trails and he’s always focused on the task while ignoring other dogs passing by. Holex is able to remain focus on what I need him to do because of the level of training you’ve provided to him…. Outstanding! Thank you again for my well trained, protective running partner. We’re currently in training for a half marathon!
Children with German Shepherd Protection Dog

Joelle Rogers - German Shepherd

AXA was personally delivered to me by Stephen Scott in January of this year. Not only is she an outstanding and extremely well trained dog, but Scott had a special request from me that was extremely critical before I could introduce AXA into my home. I have two Jack Russel TERRIERISTS that AXA had to tolerate. And that is no easy task. Scott’s kept AXA another 6 weeks and had her live in the house with multiple small dogs. She has adapted beautifully and tolerates the TERRIERISTS well. She and I are joined at the hip. And she does sleep in bed with me.

Officer Brian Evans - Belgian Malinois

I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Scott a little over three years ago. I explained to Steve the needs of my Police Department and his professionalism and extensive knowledge was immediately apparent. Steve provided us with an exceptional dual-purpose malinois who was “street ready” and performs his duties at a high level in a tough urban environment. We got more than we hoped for and needless to say, obtained another Malinois trained by Steve. Steve Scott continues to share his extensive knowledge with us and has personally come to the Philadelphia area to assist us with training and certifications.
Child with malinois guard dog from scotts k9

Terri Heller - Belgian Malinois

I was unaware of family protection dogs until I went in search for a “companion” dog for our little girl, Lucy. Lucy is four years old and suffers from a long list of medical challenges – her main diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy. She is non-ambulatory and non-verbal. Our wish was for Lucy to have a dog that would be her best friend but also protect her when she is ready to go to school. My search led me to Steve Scott. I had a very long, in-depth conversation with Steve over the phone about protection dogs. Steve really took the time to educate me on the capabilities and the purpose of protection dogs. Girl in leopard print coat Lucy and I often drive far distances to see specialists. My husband and I also have three sons so it’s not always an option for me and my husband to travel together with Lucy to her appointments. The week after I spoke with Steve, Lucy and I ran into a very scary situation on one of our trips. I was separated from Lucy at a desolate gas station with an attendant that had ill intentions. I was overcome with fear that if anything were to happen to me, Lucy is helpless. She cannot run and she cannot scream for help. Fortunately, we were able to get out of the situation unharmed, but all of the conditions were right for something to go very wrong. This was a Friday, I called Steve Saturday morning. I explained to Steve what happened and we determined that our need was more than companionship for Lucy, we needed protection. Steve initially had a dog in mind for our family, but during training he determined she wasn’t the best fit so he introduced us to Maize. Maize is a perfect fit! While her obedience is unbelievable and her desire to work and protect is strong, she is also very gentle and loving with our children. She has been a wonderful addition to our family! It has been a real pleasure working with Steve. Just a small amount of time with Steve, and it was quite obvious that he has a passion for his work and his knowledge of the business is top-notch. Steve has taken the time to make sure that we were comfortable with Maize and has been available and patient for our many questions. Just a cursory search of the various websites and the horror stories associated with so many protection dog companies, it is easy to see how lucky we were to find a great one right in our back yard. Overall, we couldn’t be any happier than we are with the service, professionalism, and quality of Scott’s K-9 and that comes directly from Steve Scott. We can’t thank him enough.

Shawn Engbrecht - CEO, CASS Global Security

As an organization tasked with the Personal Safety of CEO’s, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Royalty, and members of the Diplomatic Corp, CASS Global is not in a position to work with anything but the absolute top tier of parallel service providers. The stakes are simply too high.

We engage directly with Scott’s K9 for the straightforward reason that they are the absolute best in their respective niche. The easiest way to expound on this is simply to state that everything they touch works, all the time. We’ve had zero negative feedback from clients who are referred to Scott’s K-9 by us. Due to our operating parameters, our relationship with our handful of partners is a critical part of our modus operandi. To that end, Steve and his team emerged the unanimous choice after an exhaustive vetting and testing process. In the years since then, we have never had any reason to regret our decision.

Like us, Scott’s K9’s is easy to work with, direct, and accountable for their actions. Our clients are invariably pleased as Steve exceeds performance expectations on practically every occasion.

CASS Global ponders long and hard before drafting reference letters such as this one, for one’s level of Corporate excellence is directly tied to those one associates with. In the case of Scott’s K-9’s, we couldn’t write this letter fast enough.

Should you wish to discuss our experiences with Steve and his organization directly, you may reach me at [email protected]

Thomas Ackerman - Belgian Malinois

I would like to thank Steve Scott and his wonderful company for my amazing Protection dog Rex. I called and researched probably 10 companies before speaking to Mr. Scott. The other companies lacked knowledge and most had no true experience with Police Dogs or Protection Dogs. After speaking with Steve Scott it was clear that with him I would get a highly trained family member. My new best friend came with Steve and another trainer and we did 2 days of training. By the time I left, I felt like a pro with my new best friend. We have a busy household and 3 small children. Rex is not only protective, but so obedient and loving to the whole family. I’m truly amazed by the follow up support as well. Steve checks in just to see how we are and is always available for any question. I can not praise this company enough we are so thrilled we are actually buying a second dog so one can stay home with my wife and kids and the other go along with me to work. Do not hesitate to purchase a dog from Scotts Police K9. They are by far the best in the business.
Fury Malinois Family Guard Dog

Brian Dowdy - Belgian Malinois

I have purchased several dogs from Steve and all have been immaculate. Great drives and Confidence.

Christopher Oneton

Best Training my dogs and I have ever had. Scott’s K9 is top notch!

Melissa Alexander - Belgian Malinois

From the first phone call to the time you get your dog Mr. Scott is there for every question or concern you might have. He matched me to the perfect protection dog and companion! I can’t recommend him highly enough!!

Jeff Wisecarver - Belgian Malinois

I have been buying dogs from Steve for years. Always pleased. He has great dogs. Would recommend.
Fay Belgian Malinois Police Dog

Kyle Miller - Belgian Malinois

Think all the other reviews say it best awesome guy to work with and still there for u if needed. Got my dog from him almost a year ago and she is awesome have so much fun with her. Would recommend Scott’s K-9 to any one.
Blitz Dutch Malinois Family Guard Dog for Sale 2

Jay & KD Noce - Belgian Malinois

Blitz is the greatest dog we have ever known. You can get any type of dog in the world, but if you want a best friend, a constant loving companion to your family and your loved ones, then take our advice and call Scotts K9. I have owned and trained over 10 dogs in my life and none compare to what you get day 1 with no experience needed from Scotts K9. They find the very best dog for you and ensure (and I mean ensure) that it’s a wonderful fit for your family. I have the most loving, kind, athletic dog, always ready to run, walk, catch a frisbee, chase a ball, swim or sit with you and watch some TV. Scott’s dogs are simply the best of breed, best trained, and most loving and protective companions I have ever known on over 50 years of experience with every breed you can think of. Call us anytime for a referral.

Jason A. - German Shepherd

On behalf of my family, I would like to express our sincerest appreciation, excitement, and love for our newest addition – German Shepard (Centurion) – YENNA. She has a vigilant eye, impressive discipline, and a loving demeanor. Steve, Josh, family and staff, our experience has been informative, comforting, and exhilarating. Thank you for your professionalism and the family-oriented approach. YENNA has become a part of our family and we are extremely pleased, thank you! Highly recommend!

Phillip and Alyce T. - Belgian Malinois

We were referred to Steve Scott by a friend who had purchased a dog from Scott’s K9 about six months earlier.  They were very happy with their dog.   We already had an older German Shepherd who could sometimes be a little aggressive/too overly protective.  So we were concerned that a Belgian Malinois might be too much for us.  We also read a number of stories about how challenging a Belgian Malinois can be. Steve assured us that this would not be the case and that Avi (a female) would be the perfect family dog.

That has totally turned out to be the case.  Steve and Josh spent time on two days making sure that we were comfortable with Avi, understood all of her commands and that Avi was comfortable with us.  And for the following couple of weeks, Steve regularly checked in to see if we had any questions or concerns.

Avi quickly bonded with our family and with our German Shepherd.   Avi is the perfect family dog.  She is extremely friendly and welcoming to all guests.  She is a loving dog and does not project any sense of aggression.  At the same time, we are totally confident that if there ever was a threat, Avi would do her job.   And her discipline in following commands is incredible.

We could not be happier with our experience with Scott’s K9.  Everything that Steve told us turned out to the be the actual case.

Beth N. - Belgian Malinois

Approximately a year and a half ago my husband passed away. I felt the need to purchase a personal protection dog. I researched extensively but decided at the time I needed to wait for a year to make any major decisions. A couple of months ago I had an incident that prompted me to pursue researching dogs again. Many of the people that I had researched prior were no longer in the business and I talked to quite a few new ones. No one could match Steve and his expertise. When I called and told him why I wanted to purchase a dog he told me not to buy a dog for just one incident. He wanted to make sure I really needed a dog and to not buy on impulse. I explained this was not a decision made on impulse but one I had been pondering for over a year. We talked for a long time and he questioned me extensively. I asked many questions and he was frank and open with his responses. He matched me with the perfect dog! Macho fits my personality perfectly! He goes everywhere with me. He has been in church, dentist office, hospital, doctors office, restaurants, road trips, out with the horses, grocery store… there is not a place or destination I don’t feel completely comfortable taking him. I have taken him to crowded areas with many people and other dogs. Nothing phases my dog. He is sweet and loving but also knows how to do his job! He has taken great care of me and thwarted potentially dangerous situations during my travels. If you are considering purchasing a guard dog/personal protection dog do yourself a favor and talk with Steve. He stays involved after purchase. He always answers texts and phone calls or calls back as soon as he is able. I am thankful for my Macho!

Haley J. - Belgian Malinois

Even though Scott’s K-9 came highly recommended, I was still incredibly impressed when I met with Steve and his team.

I greatly appreciated that Steve took time to understand my family and needs to make sure we got the right dog for us. Diesel is a perfect match for my family. His obedience and protection work are incredible and he’s fantastic with my small children. Steve has been available for all of my questions and our transition went quickly and smoothly.

I would recommend anyone looking for a protection dog to work with Scott’s K-9.