Our goal is to provide the highest quality protection dogs in the world. We do this through superior breeding, training, and customer service. We know that the dog you purchase from us will become part of your family or your law enforcement unit, so we put forth the extra effort to ensure that you receive the very best. We are thankful that many of our clients have referred others to us or come back to purchase a second or third dog from us. Referrals and repeat business are the best compliments we can receive. Below are some testimonials from a few of our past clients.

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belgian malinois

Jason and Stacy B. (Sausalito, CA)

“Steve was incredible to work with throughout the entire process. He helped walk me and my wife through everything we needed to know at each stage of the journey. We’re incredibly happy with the support we received and the quality of dog we were able to welcome into our lives. It’s had a huge impact on our security and happiness. I can’t recommend working with him enough.”

belgian malinois

Loyal S. (Edmond, Oklahoma)

My wife and I realized we needed to consider a protection dog. We found ourselves in a concerning situation with our adopted son. Sadly, we are dealing with significant mental health issues, and he was becoming a danger and a threat to my wife. We spent several days evaluating different protection dog providers online. We came across Scott’s K9 Protection while doing our research and reached out to Steve. I explained our family situation and our concerns. He was very interactive and experienced. He listened to our concerns and needs. He responded by emails quickly and professionally. When we got a chance to talk on the phone, we knew we were in good hands. Based on our needs, he recommended a specific dog. He was transparent, and available to all emails and texts as we worked through the process. He was trusting while I arranged funding for our new protection dog. Steve and Mike delivered Titus last weekend. The delivery process and initial 2-day training was excellent and enjoyable. He is well trained, an excellent addition to our family. He has bonded well with my wife and is all we could have hoped for. When he meets new people, he is friendly, but then returns to my wife and stands between her and our guest. He senses danger at times with our son and stands between her and him until he senses a more normal mental state. Steve regularly checks in and assures our dog is doing well and answers questions and makes recommendations. I am amazed at his training and ability. He is a big baby with my wife and loves cuddling and attention. He loves to go out in the morning and do regular obedience, but also loves just being a dog. We feel blessed to have found Steve and Scott’s K9s. Titus has been everything we expected and more.

belgian malinois

Haley J. (Preston Hollow, Texas)

Even though Scott’s K-9 came highly recommended, I was still incredibly impressed when I met with Steve and his team. I greatly appreciated that Steve took time to understand my family and needs to make sure we got the right dog for us. Diesel is a perfect match for my family. His obedience and protection work are incredible and he’s fantastic with my small children. Steve has been available for all of my questions and our transition went quickly and smoothly. I would recommend anyone looking for a protection dog to work with Scott’s K-9.

belgian malinois


I wanted to thank Steve Scott for training Jackie. I reached out though the website talk to Steve personally, which is nice. He met me and my family and we asked a lot of questions. Steve answered all my questions so he could find the right dog for my family. Steve flew out with a member of his team and worked two days with my family and Jackie. I high recommend Steve and his dogs. You will not be disappointed and he always answers the phone for help and questions. First class service thank you thank you.

belgian malinois

Chad W. (Milton-Freewater, Oregon)

We were fortunate enough to spend time with our close friends who had purchased one of Steve’s dogs and we were impressed. Our lives had taken a path where it made sense to make the investment in a protection dog and, thus, a call to Steve was made. Steve was extremely responsive, a wealth of knowledge in regards to protection dogs, and more importantly, took the time to ease all concerns we had around the idea of a protection dog (we have small children, are they safe around youngsters, do they travel well, can they swim, etc). We might not have been so sure at that initial call, but Steve knew from our conversation that Nico was the one for us (and he was absolutely right). Steve and Josh (who is very talented as well!) brought Nico to us with extreme professionalism, knowledge (training and adapting Nico to our lives) and encouragement (they knew we would bond in a few days, even if we weren’t so sure). Our expectations were exceeded – from the first call to bringing him to his new home to now sending photos and asking for tips and advice. We are lifelong clients and friends and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Steve for many years to come.

belgian malinois

Beth N. (Cullman, Alabama)

Approximately a year and a half ago my husband passed away. I felt the need to purchase a personal protection dog. I researched extensively but decided at the time I needed to wait for a year to make any major decisions. A couple of months ago I had an incident that prompted me to pursue researching dogs again. Many of the people that I had researched prior were no longer in the business and I talked to quite a few new ones. No one could match Steve and his expertise. When I called and told him why I wanted to purchase a dog he told me not to buy a dog for just one incident. He wanted to make sure I really needed a dog and to not buy on impulse. I explained this was not a decision made on impulse but one I had been pondering for over a year. We talked for a long time and he questioned me extensively. I asked many questions and he was frank and open with his responses. He matched me with the perfect dog! Macho fits my personality perfectly! He goes everywhere with me. He has been in church, dentist office, hospital, doctors office, restaurants, road trips, out with the horses, grocery store… there is not a place or destination I don’t feel completely comfortable taking him. I have taken him to crowded areas with many people and other dogs. Nothing phases my dog. He is sweet and loving but also knows how to do his job! He has taken great care of me and thwarted potentially dangerous situations during my travels. If you are considering purchasing a guard dog/personal protection dog do yourself a favor and talk with Steve. He stays involved after purchase. He always answers texts and phone calls or calls back as soon as he is able. I am thankful for my Macho!