Available Dogs

The protections dogs pictured below are currently available for purchase.  We are always in the process of importing and training new dogs, so please contact us if you have a particular dog or training level in mind.  We want to ensure that your family or your organizations receives the perfect dog that is trained to fit your needs.  Please contact us and let us know what you are looking for. All of our dogs are delivered to the clients home and a handler course is conducted. We are always available to answer your questions and encourage all clients to call so we answer any questions you may have.

Vinnie Malinois Police K9 For Sale
Iza Malinois Family Protection Dog For Sale
Fury Belgian Malinois Home Protection Dog for Sale
Iko Belgian Malinois Home Protection Dog
Lost German Shepherd Family Protection Dog For Sale
Jingle Protection Police Dog for sale
Misti Belgian Malinois Guard Dog for Sale
Guaranteed Protection Dog Blue

Health and Performance Guarantee

We will not sell you a dog that we would not want protecting us in either a Law Enforcement capacity or protecting our families. We have each and every dog checked for both health and the performance.