Best Temperament Traits to Look for in Trained Watch Dogs and Guard Dogs

By May 18, 2018Dog Temperament

If you are looking for a trained protection dog for sale, there are certain personality traits for which you’ll want to look. Read on to learn which breeds are top choices for specific protective duties.

Guard Dog Versus Watch Dog

Although many dogs can perform both duties with excellence, some breeds are specifically bred to “watch” or “guard”. A watchdog is one that will bark to alert you that a stranger is near your property or approaching your front door.

Terriers, for example, are great watchdogs because they have loud barks, which alert their owners that a stranger coming. These breeds are generally smaller in stature, and they depend on their owner (or a guard dog) to defend its territory.

A guard dog, on the other hand, serves to protect the home and family as well as the immediate area surrounding the property. A guard dog’s bark is intended to warn the intruder of an impending attack, which is quite different from a watch dog’s intent…to alert.

Guard dog breeds are generally intimidating in appearance with larger, more muscular bodies, large teeth, and a fearless intensity that easily scares off even the most brazen criminals. Another trait that a guard dog breed has is its willingness to bite anyone who is threatening its territory or its humans.

Best Guard Dog Breeds for Protection

A breed that is used time and again in both police work and for private protection is the German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois. If you’re looking for Belgian Malinois for sale, the breeder should explain several important personality characteristics to you.

Belgian Malinois

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Belgian Malinois breed has a strong drive to capture prey, which can lead to chasing behaviors. For families with small children or cats, an adult Malinois without training may not be the best choice. It is imperative that you find a good trainer for your new puppy or buy an already-trained Malinois dog from a company that specializes in training this breed.

Tip: These dogs need companionship and regular activities alongside their owners to avoid boredom and “acting out” behaviors.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd breed is another go-to dog when it comes to police, military, and family settings. German Shepherd guard dogs fit well into the family, is affectionate with its people, and protective when necessary. The AKC describes this breed as one of the most gentle and loyal, with a willingness and ability to confidently defend when called to do so.

These dogs are wary of strangers when its owner is present, but will welcome new people in the home at its owner’s approval. It is for these reasons that the German Shepherd is highly favored as a guard dog, family pet, and work partner.

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