Frequently Asked Questions

Protection Dog Temperament, Behavior & Breeds

Is a Protection Dog Trained To Have a Rambo-type Mentality, a Dog Always Suspicious of Everyone Becoming a Possible Threat?

No. While that type of dog is needed for police, military, and other very specific high-risk environments (diamond dealers, etc.), most of our dogs are quite the opposite.

Most of our dogs have the same friendly personality, and offer the same companionship, as a Labrador Retriever. However, when working with the dogs natural abilities in protection, we provide the specific skills and conditioning needed for your dog to offer effective protection.

Will My Protection Trained Dog Be Safe With My Family And Friends?

Yes, but within reason. Dogs are not robots trained to know when you and your friends are horse playing, or when your teenager and their friends are in the backyard reenacting last nights version of wrestle mania.

Owning a dog trained to protect you at all cost is a very big responsibility, one that not all individuals are responsible enough to be entrusted with.

What Breeds Do You Train For Personal Protection?

We train the following breeds as protection dogs:

  • German Shepherd Dog
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Dutch Shepherd

Choosing Your Guard Dog & Guarantee

We can’t just ship you a dog, because the dog is trained but your family is not. Our master trainers hand deliver each dog to ensure that you and your family are properly trained on how to handle your protection dog.

By delivering the dog we ensure proper acclimation and that it is the ideal guard dog for you. Another reason would be to properly introduce your other pets.

The delivery of the dog is such a crucial element that the cost of delivery is included in the purchase price of your K9.

Will I Get To Pick My Dog?

We have dogs listed on our Dogs for sale page but we will typically offer you the best 2 dogs for your specific needs. Every client has specific needs from a Trained Protection dog. We will consult with you to ensure that we offer you the best dog for your needs.

What Is The Guarantee For Each Dog?

We offer a full performance guarantee and health guarantee. If you are not satified we will do whatever is needed to remedy the situation, including replacing the dog. This has never happenned but we understand it is important for the client to have this guarantee.

All of our dogs receive a full medical check to include hip and elbows, and include a health guarantee; we stand behind each and every dog we sell.

Protection Dogs For Sale Purchasing Process:

What Will Be Covered In The Delivery/Handler Course?

You will see everything that the dog is trained to do while we are there, this will include the protection training. We go over proper care, the vet documents, all of the pedigree if applicable. We are there to train you and acclimate your new K9 to your home and family.

What Is The Purchase Process?

After we decide on a K9 we will require a 50% deposit via Credit Card, Wire, check, or cash. A contract will be sent that will go over the training and all guarantees of the dog.

To Whom Will You Refuse to Sell Your Trained Dogs?

We do not sell protection dogs to persons with criminal records including: assault, domestic violence, drug charges, any felony, etc.

What If I Have A Question After Delivery?

One thing that we have always been praised for is that we always answer the phone, plain and simple. Communication is key as this is not a house or a vehicle it is a member of the family and we want to always ensure that our clients know that we are always here for any questions.

“I hope some of these questions have been helpful to you in your decision to purchase a trained protection dog. Since the purchase of a personal protection dog is more involved than we can possibly cover here, we encourage you to contact us with additional questions about our trained dogs. We can custom tailor a K-9 that will be an exact match for you and your situation. I look forward to hearing from you.”

-Steve Scott
Owner and Master Trainer