Is a trained protection dog always on high alert such that I can’t take him in public for a routine outing?
No. We train are dogs to be with you wherever you go. They are going to become a part of your family like any other dog you own. The only difference is they will be trained to protect you when you need them too.

Is it safe for my family and friends to be around my protection dog?
Yes the dog will be able to be with family and friends. But there is a responsibility that comes along with owning one of these dogs. You cant expect the dog to know one someone is just playing around with you and when it is for real. So you have to use common sense and not be play fighting. The dogs will react to protect you and your family, and the dog may step in to defend you. Some people do not have lifestyles that fit with owning an elite protection dog.

What breeds do you train for family protection?
We specialize in training:

  • German Shepherd Dogs
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Dutch Shepherds

Will I get to choose my dog?
We will discuss what your purposes for pursuing a protection dogs and your living situation and recommend the dogs we feel are best suited for your situation. You will be able to provide input, but we will not place a trained protection dog in any situation where we believe he or she will not be the right fit.

What is the guarantee for your dogs?
We offer a performance guarantee and health guarantee. We stand behind every one of the dogs we sell. They all have to pass a full medical check, which includes hips and elbows. We will replace the dog if needed. This is all in writing with the contract.

Will you teach me how to command my protection dog?
We cover everything that you will need to know during the handler orientation course that we conduct with each dog delivery.
-Protection training
-How to acclimate the new dog into your home with you and your family

How does the purchase process work with Scott’s K9?
After consultation with you, we will decide on the dog that works best for you and your family. We send out a contract that goes over all your guarantees of the dog and the training. Once you approve the contract, we require a 50% deposit.

Is there anyone to whom you will refuse to sell a protection dog?
We will not sell a dog to anyone that is not fit to own one of these dogs. It is a great responsibility to own an elite protection dog and we care about who we sell them to. No criminal record.

Will I be able to continue to contact you after the sale for help with my dog?
We are always here to answer your questions. We will make this as smooth of a transition into your home as possible.

Do you offer training courses for my dog?
No, we only train the dogs we get from our breeders. For training courses we refer people to Citadel K9. Josh Kirby, head trainer and police officer, has been working with K9s for over 15 years and is an expert in the field. He offers one-on-one protection training sessions for your dog as well as basic obedience courses. We highly recommend his services

“We get many more questions than we can possibly include on this page. I encourage clients and potential clients to call us and talk about your specific needs. Dogs are my life and I enjoy talking about them. If you have a question that this website does not cover, please do not hesitate to call us.”

-Steve Scott
Owner and Head Trainer



Purchase a highly trained German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois that can defend a family or individual from any threat with advanced detection abilities.