MILO (Malinois – Centurion)

Age: 3.5 years

Sex: Male

Breed: Malinois

Import: Dutch Import

Workability: Titled KNPV PH1

Temperament: K9 Milo scored a 426 out 435 on his KNPV PH1 (Royal Dutch Police Certification.) Milo is a social dog, raised in a home with small children and other dogs. His work is second to none and he is top quality in every aspect. His obedience is quick fast and precise. He is a joy to take anywhere as he always responds to the first command. In the protection phase, he is strong and confident, a REAL Protection Dog. If your family is looking for the absolute top 1% of Protection Dogs contact us about K9 Milo.

Trained: Centurion

Price: $75,000.00

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