How much does a personal protection dog cost?
Dogs Priced from $85,000 – $125,000

At Scott’s K9, we train true protection dogs – not just titled sport dogs (although most of our dogs are titled). Our clientele includes the U.S. Government and police agencies around the country, and international military organizations, so rest assured that you are receiving the best of the best. All of our dogs go through finishing training and testing in our Protection K9 training program before being offered for sale. After purchase, we hand deliver all of our Protection Dogs to our clients’ homes, and conduct an on-site handler course. Every dog comes with a health and performance guarantee.


Scott’s K9 accepts, credit card, cash, check, and crypto currency.

Scott’s Protection Dogs

Every dog we deliver to our clients is the most highly trained and elite level protection dog in the world. Only a few selected dogs each year are able to be considered for our customers. We do not have a variety or various levels of trained dogs, each are bred and trained far above the basic police and military trained service animals.

  • Two-day handler course at buyer’s residence included in price of dog
  • Trained to Police K9 patrol dog official standards
  • Passed extensive health check
  • Alert to Situation on Verbal Command
  • Release Hold and Stand Guard on Verbal Command
  • Be Quiet on Command
  • Bite and Hold
  • Pursue and Apprehend
  • Advanced Off-Leash Obedience
  • Exposure to a Variety of Environments
  • Acclimated to living in a home setting
  • Defend handler from vehicle
  • Perimeter Search
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Health Guarantee
  • Narcotics and explosives training (case-by-case)
  • Perform a security check for persons
  • Escort and re-attack
  • Ability to direct K9 to alternate attacker

Police K9 Nationally Certified Master Trainers

Our entire staff has years of protection dog training and experience. We have trained dogs for family protection, estate protection, security detail, executive protection, military use, and police use. Together with our experience and access to the top imported canines, our Family Protection Dogs often surpass what any other company offers. Our dogs are perfectly trained canines with an undying devotion to their families.

Family Guard Dogs Delivery

Scott's K9 Delivery Service

All Scott's K9 dogs are delivered by our Certified Trainers, who conduct a 2 Day Handler Course with the dog owner.