How a Trained Protection Dog Can Help Special Needs Children

By May 6, 2021Service Dogs

People who think of trained protection dogs typically think of their use in law enforcement and military agencies. What most people don’t know, however, is that a trained protection dog can also become an excellent family member.

Particularly for families with special needs children, police-trained German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois will quickly become loving, hardworking members of the household.

Why Get a Protection Dog For s Special Needs Child?

While getting a police-trained German Shepherd or Belgian Malinois doesn’t always occur to families, there are dozens of benefits of having a dog like this in the home, especially for families that have a special needs child.

The first and most noticeable benefit is that protection dogs make the home a much safer place. In fact, top security companies report that burglars are much more likely to avoid homes that feature large, intimidating guard dogs.

Even if a home invasion isn’t the primary concern, there are dozens of perks of getting a protection dog for special needs people. In situations where special needs children are nonverbal, a protection dog can step in when a child cannot call for help on his or her own, and alert parents or guardians that something is amiss.

While dogs like German Shepherds look intimidating to strangers, they bond intensely to their family. Although these dogs are friendly and approachable in public, they will spring into action if someone threatens or harasses their master, and bond inseparably to children.

These trained animals can be the best dog for kids with special needs when you are looking for greater peace of mind for your entire household.

5 Things That Make Protection Dogs the Best Dos for a Special Needs Child

Here are the top five benefits of owning a police-trained dog:

1. Companionship

There’s nothing quite like the love of a dog, and police-trained protection dogs love the people they live with. Born and bred to protect their families to the death, if need be, these dogs will provide unwavering companionship and affection for all the days of their lives, especially when they’re partnered with special needs children.

2. Security

Whether it’s preventing home invasions or discouraging bullying, a police-trained dog will make life and the household more secure and less vulnerable to intrusion.

3. Fun

Even though police-trained dogs have extensive professional education, they’re still dogs that love to play fetch, go for a refreshing swim and enjoy a nice walk in the park when they’re not protecting their families.

While many people assume that purchasing a police-trained dog means getting an employee more than a partner, these dogs behave just like any other fun-loving canine in their off-time. This ongoing friendship can be helpful both mentally and emotionally for special needs children.

4. Peace of Mind

The world is an ever-changing and uncertain place, but having a guard dog can go a long way to offer peace of mind to families with special needs children.

Whether it’s accompanying their master to the store or spending time with them at home, one of these hard-working canines will make life feel safer and more predictable.

5. Socialization for the Special Needs Child

Special needs children often feel isolated and separated from other kids, and the socialization offered by a good police-trained dog can be invaluable. While protection dogs aren’t technically therapy dogs, they serve many of the same purposes as trained therapy dogs.

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