Do you worry about your family when you leave Austin to go out of town? Maybe you’ve installed cameras and security systems, but you still wish someone was there to defend them if the need arises. A trained Belgian Malinois is the perfect solution! Protection dogs receive rigorous training, so they can respond instantly. Although your dog will always be on alert, they are lovable pets too, gently playing with your children and other family pets. 

Police Trained Protection

At Scott’s K9, all our dogs receive police k9 level training. Our owner, Steve Scott, spent years importing only the best dogs from Europe and training them to handle the most intense situations. His dogs have been sent on critical military raids and been placed in dozens of police departments. There are no better dogs to be protecting your family than Scott’s K9s. 

Gentle & Loyal Family Protection Dogs

When we place a trained protection dog with a family, we don’t just consider the level of protection training the dog has received. We also want your Belgian Malinois to seamlessly integrate into your family and be the cuddly pet your kids will love. Every dog and family are vetted by our trainers to ensure a perfect match. After you choose a dog, we will bring him/her to you in Austin; we will also teach you the commands your dog knows. You will be completely confident in your ability to utilize your new protection dog by the time we leave. All our dogs come with a performance and health guarantee, so you know you’re getting a teammate for life.

Trained Protection Dogs in Austin

We always have new dogs coming from Europe to be placed with families right here in Texas. You can see what dogs we have available now or contact us directly for specific questions to see what dogs we may have coming in soon.









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