Protection Dogs vs Security Systems

There is no shortage of home security options on the market today.  These security systems have cameras and Bluetooth connections to all of your devices.  These systems have one major flaw that should not be overlooked – technology can be hacked and disabled without you ever knowing. That’s why we offer the best option in home security that can’t be hacked, disabled or paid off: trained home protection dogs. Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds, both breeds that are easily trained, thrive when they have a job to do and most importantly are fiercely loyal to their families. There really is no better form of home or personal protection. 

The Scott’s K9 Guarantee

Buying a specially trained protection dog from Scott’s K9 isn’t that same as buying a dog from any other breeder. Our dogs are all bred from the purest bloodlines in Europe, where these breeds originated. They receive the same training that military K9s have received for decades, and they are carefully assessed to ensure the dog we place in your home is healthy and safe to live with your kids and/or pets. All of our dogs come with a health guarantee and are trained by certified police K9 certified trainers. 

Finding a Protection Dog in Florida

We train the best protection dogs on the market; our DFW based trainers will hand-deliver your dog directly to you in Florida. We also offer the option of additional coaching at your home in Florida to help you and your dog acclimate to each other.

Available Trained Belgian Malinois in Florida









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