Len P.


Len P.

Len P.
  • Scotts K9

“Dear Steve,

I wanted to send you a brief referral letter in reference to our purchase of Buck, a 3 year old Dutch Shepherd.

Our background is as follows: We have children ranging from new born to 26 years old and needed a family dog that could function as a protection dog when needed. We also own a business in New Jersey and my wife has a FRO (final restraining order) on her ex-husband that has been very abusive at child exchanges.

We needed a protection dog that could travel with our family as well as has the ability to protect her when faced with a real-life threat. Our concern at first that we would get a K9 dog not well trained to our needs.

We did purchase from Scott’s K9 – a Dutch Shepherd that exceeds our expectations every day!! Buck lives in our house, travels with us everywhere, and allows my wife to shop with our dog and be assured that nobody is going to approach her by surprise with ill intensions.

In fact, we have referred Steve and he has made two additional sales to our friends that our also very pleased with their purchase.

Purchasing an expensive protection dog was a difficult decision for us, however, we are glad we decided to deal with Scott! I am not sure he feels the same about me though (HA), we absolutely drove him nuts in the buying decision and he was able to retain us as customers and now as friends.

Contact me for any referral!”

Len Polistina