Loyal S.


Loyal S.

Loyal S.
  • Scotts K9

“My wife and I realized we needed to consider a protection dog. We found ourselves in a concerning situation with our adopted son. Sadly, we are dealing with significant mental health issues, and he was becoming a danger and a threat to my wife. We spent several days evaluating different protection dog providers online. We came across Scott’s K9 Protection while doing our research and reached out to Steve. I explained our family situation and our concerns. He was very interactive and experienced. He listened to our concerns and needs. He responded by emails quickly and professionally. When we got a chance to talk on the phone, we knew we were in good hands. 
Based on our needs, he recommended a specific dog. He was transparent, and available to all emails and texts as we worked through the process. He was trusting while I arranged funding for our new protection dog.

Steve and Mike delivered Titus last weekend. The delivery process and initial 2-day training was excellent and enjoyable. He is well trained, an excellent addition to our family. He has bonded well with my wife and is all we could have hoped for. When he meets new people, he is friendly, but then returns to my wife and stands between her and our guest. He senses danger at times with our son and stands between her and him until he senses a more normal mental state.

Steve regularly checks in and assures our dog is doing well and answers questions and makes recommendations. I am amazed at his training and ability. He is a big baby with my wife and loves cuddling and attention. He loves to go out in the morning and do regular obedience, but also loves just being a dog.

We feel blessed to have found Steve and Scott’s K9s. Titus has been everything we expected and more.”