Our goal is to provide the highest quality protection dogs in the world. We do this through superior breeding, training, and customer service. We know that the dog you purchase from us will become part of your family or your law enforcement unit, so we put forth the extra effort to ensure that you receive the very best. We are thankful that many of our clients have referred others to us or come back to purchase a second or third dog from us. Referrals and repeat business are the best compliments we can receive. Below are some testimonials from a few of our past clients.

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belgian malinois

Thomas Ackerman

I would like to thank Steve Scott and his wonderful company for my amazing Protection dog Rex. I called and researched probably 10 companies before speaking to Mr. Scott. The other companies lacked knowledge and most had no true experience with Police Dogs or Protection Dogs. After speaking with Steve Scott it was clear that with him I would get a highly trained family member. My new best friend came with Steve and another trainer and we did 2 days of training. By the time I left, I felt like a pro with my new best friend. We have a busy household and 3 small children. Rex is not only protective, but so obedient and loving to the whole family. I’m truly amazed by the follow up support as well. Steve checks in just to see how we are and is always available for any question. I can not praise this company enough we are so thrilled we are actually buying a second dog so one can stay home with my wife and kids and the other go along with me to work. Do not hesitate to purchase a dog from Scotts Police K9. They are by far the best in the business.

Global Security

Shawn Engbrecht – CEO, CASS

As an organization tasked with the Personal Safety of CEO’s, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Royalty, and members of the Diplomatic Corp, CASS Global is not in a position to work with anything but the absolute top tier of parallel service providers. The stakes are simply too high. We engage directly with Scott’s K9 for the straightforward reason that they are the absolute best in their respective niche. The easiest way to expound on this is simply to state that everything they touch works, all the time. We’ve had zero negative feedback from clients who are referred to Scott’s K-9 by us. Due to our operating parameters, our relationship with our handful of partners is a critical part of our modus operandi. To that end, Steve and his team emerged the unanimous choice after an exhaustive vetting and testing process. In the years since then, we have never had any reason to regret our decision. Like us, Scott’s K9’s is easy to work with, direct, and accountable for their actions. Our clients are invariably pleased as Steve exceeds performance expectations on practically every occasion. CASS Global ponders long and hard before drafting reference letters such as this one, for one’s level of Corporate excellence is directly tied to those one associates with. In the case of Scott’s K-9’s, we couldn’t write this letter fast enough. Should you wish to discuss our experiences with Steve and his organization directly, you may reach me at [email protected]

belgian malinois

Terry Stump

I just want to say how very well pleased we are with our our protection dog provided by Scott’s K9s. We talked to several different K9 protection dog providers before deciding to work with Steve Scott. He stood out as being very knowledgeable, and easy to talk to. He asked the right questions to determine what we were looking for in a protection dog. Our dog was delivered by a very knowledgable and personable trainer. He spent almost an hour talking to us about our dog and his needs and training, before he actually introduced us to our dog. The trainer spent two days with us, teaching us how to work with our dog (the dog was already very well trained; we just needed to be “trained” how to command him!). Our dog responded to our commands on the very first day. On the second day, we were working off leash with him. He has settled into our family very well, is very affectionate and very well behaved. If I hadn’t seen him in his “attack ” mode, I would never believe he was capable of being so aggressive. We have been especially impressed by the follow-up support. The trainer who delivered our dog has stayed in contact with us, and has promptly answered our questions regarding training/correcting our dog. He has been a tremendous asset and we appreciate his ongoing support (I’m sure Steve would provide the same level of support. We just contact the trainer who personally delivered our dog because we now know him). Our dog has already proven that he understands his role as a protector of our family. I wouldn’t hesitate to go anywhere with him by my side. I can’t even go outside to walk our other dogs without him being upset. He sits watch on the porch while I’m outside, otherwise, he sits inside and barks. Excellent dog! My baby! My protector!!!

german shepherd

Kai C. (Edison, New Jersey)

We are thrilled with Cash! He adapted to our family with confidence and ease. He joins in our activities with enthusiasm, incredible obedience and self control. Every day is a joy as he surprises us with his abilities, agility and devotion to us. One wouldn’t believe Cash’s ability to do protection work given his “puppy” like playfulness. When we take him out for walks people comment on how beautiful the color of his hair is and how well behaved he is. I am amazed by Cash’s intelligence and his understanding of commands in addition to carrying them out to perfection. When playing ball and Kong (which he loves) he is intense, eager, coordinated and great fun for us. Steve Scott is exceptional. He knows how to pick extraordinary dogs and is a superb teacher both to the dogs and their owners. We are extremely impressed with Steve’s skills and character. We were very impressed with Steve’s professionalism, his confidence, knowledge and his patient demeanor in dealing with Cash and with us during the training period. I cannot say enough great things about Steve and Cash. Steve told me after our first phone call that a Belgian Malinois that he has would be a good match for my wife and me. I was skeptical at first given the amount of research and conversations I had with other dog trainers saying that this breed wouldn’t be a good dog for a first time handler. Steve enlightened me about the Belgian Malinois. He has also been attentive and patient with me (helping me over the phone) during the entire process. We are deeply grateful for this wonderful dog. I investigated numerous competitor companies for a family protection dog that can not only protect but be 100% friendly and obedient. If this is what you are looking for then nothing comes close to Scott’s K9 and the individualized attention given to the dogs and prospective owners.

belgian malinois

Terri H. (Johnstown, Ohio)

I was unaware of family protection dogs until I went in search for a “companion” dog for our little girl, Lucy. Lucy is four years old and suffers from a long list of medical challenges – her main diagnosis is Cerebral Palsy. She is non-ambulatory and non-verbal. Our wish was for Lucy to have a dog that would be her best friend but also protect her when she is ready to go to school. My search led me to Steve Scott. I had a very long, in-depth conversation with Steve over the phone about protection dogs. Steve really took the time to educate me on the capabilities and the purpose of protection dogs. Girl in leopard print coat Lucy and I often drive far distances to see specialists. My husband and I also have three sons so it’s not always an option for me and my husband to travel together with Lucy to her appointments. The week after I spoke with Steve, Lucy and I ran into a very scary situation on one of our trips. I was separated from Lucy at a desolate gas station with an attendant that had ill intentions. I was overcome with fear that if anything were to happen to me, Lucy is helpless. She cannot run and she cannot scream for help. Fortunately, we were able to get out of the situation unharmed, but all of the conditions were right for something to go very wrong. This was a Friday, I called Steve Saturday morning. I explained to Steve what happened and we determined that our need was more than companionship for Lucy, we needed protection. Steve initially had a dog in mind for our family, but during training he determined she wasn’t the best fit so he introduced us to Maize. Maize is a perfect fit! While her obedience is unbelievable and her desire to work and protect is strong, she is also very gentle and loving with our children. She has been a wonderful addition to our family! It has been a real pleasure working with Steve. Just a small amount of time with Steve, and it was quite obvious that he has a passion for his work and his knowledge of the business is top-notch. Steve has taken the time to make sure that we were comfortable with Maize and has been available and patient for our many questions. Just a cursory search of the various websites and the horror stories associated with so many protection dog companies, it is easy to see how lucky we were to find a great one right in our back yard. Overall, we couldn’t be any happier than we are with the service, professionalism, and quality of Scott’s K-9 and that comes directly from Steve Scott. We can’t thank him enough.

german shepherd

Angie K. (Jacksonville, Florida)

Words cannot describe the amazing impact our Dutch Shepherd has on our lives. From the moment we met our dog Arco, we saw his professional training and dedication to our safety. Arco’s acute training and breeding have given him the tools to hone in on my serious health issues. Once again he’s gone above and beyond the call of duty. I never leave home without him. Whenever we do business with any company the most important thing is customer service. During our purchase, delivery and after-sales communication has been impeccable. We have recommended Scott’s K9 to all who have thought of getting a Protection Dog. He is the best weapon in this crazy world we live in.