Our goal is to provide the highest quality protection dogs in the world. We do this through superior breeding, training, and customer service. We know that the dog you purchase from us will become part of your family or your law enforcement unit, so we put forth the extra effort to ensure that you receive the very best. We are thankful that many of our clients have referred others to us or come back to purchase a second or third dog from us. Referrals and repeat business are the best compliments we can receive. Below are some testimonials from a few of our past clients.

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belgian malinois

Jeff Warrant

Not sure I can say anything else that hasn’t been said from the other reviews. I’ve gotten two dogs from Scott’s K9. Both are simply amazing. I think Steve’s unique skill/differentiator is learning about his clients and being able to pair the right dog – not just by need, but also personality. I believe that helped us connect with our dogs quicker.

Dutch Shepherd

Len P. (Egg Harbor, New Jersey)

Dear Steve, I wanted to send you a brief referral letter in reference to our purchase of Buck, a 3 year old Dutch Shepherd. Our background is as follows: We have children ranging from new born to 26 years old and needed a family dog that could function as a protection dog when needed. We also own a business in New Jersey and my wife has a FRO (final restraining order) on her ex-husband that has been very abusive at child exchanges. We needed a protection dog that could travel with our family as well as has the ability to protect her when faced with a real-life threat. Our concern at first that we would get a K9 dog not well trained to our needs. We did purchase from Scott’s K9 – a Dutch Shepherd that exceeds our expectations every day!! Buck lives in our house, travels with us everywhere, and allows my wife to shop with our dog and be assured that nobody is going to approach her by surprise with ill intensions. In fact, we have referred Steve and he has made two additional sales to our friends that our also very pleased with their purchase. Purchasing an expensive protection dog was a difficult decision for us, however, we are glad we decided to deal with Scott! I am not sure he feels the same about me though (HA), we absolutely drove him nuts in the buying decision and he was able to retain us as customers and now as friends. Contact me for any referral! Len Polistina

belgian malinois

John F. (Chino Hills, California)

It is my pleasure to write a review about my experience with Scott’s K-9’s. I must say dealing with Mr. Stephen Scott has been a great experience. He is the real deal! I was fortunate enough to find his website. I have been looking for a protection dog for about a year. Never having a dog like this made me go out and do research on different dogs and number of websites. I am the type that does my homework before I buy. I wanted an obedient dog that I could take with me anywhere. I work a lot of late hours and thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a protection dog with me. Plus I have two daughters that like to run at night and I would feel much better with a protector. I searched and searched and was never happy with any of the people I spoke to meaning other businesses out there selling dogs. I felt like I was being given some cheesy sales job from these other businesses and all I felt was they would tell me anything to sell me a dog. Most that I spoke to said I could come pick a dog up from them or they would ship it to me with a video or some instructions on how to. For me this just didn’t sit right so I decided to keep looking. I was lucky enough to find Scott’s K-9’s. I looked through his site and there is a lot of great information here if you read through it all. So I filled out the online information form and Steve called me right away. I was very impressed with his immediate response, As soon as I spoke to Steve I immediately thought “finally someone who really knows what he is talking about”. Steve is a NO BS guy and trust me this is the guy you want to deal with. He tells it exactly how it is and I can’t tell you how valuable that is when making a purchase like this. Steve has an impressive background he proudly served our country in the U.S. Military and he is also a police officer and has decades of experience with these dogs. He is tough as nails just like his dogs but he has a big heart and really cares about his dogs and clients and that is very clear and you see this in his work and the way he runs his business. Steve’s service has been excellent. Anytime I have a question he has been there with a prompt answer before, during, and after the purchase. He wants to make sure you and the dog are happy. Steve and I discussed my needs and was able to match me to a dog. Their was no arm twisting sales job, no lies, no BS. We decided on the dog and Steve told me he was going to personally deliver the dog, again very impressive. Included in the cost of my dog was delivery and 2 days training. Steve delivered the dog as promised. I spoke to him on a Saturday night and I had my dog the following Saturday, how can you beat that? Steve made me feel very comfortable purchasing the dog. He told me that he delivers all his dogs that way he can make sure that you are happy and the dog is the perfect match. He showed up with my new best friend and in minutes the dog was already taking to me and very friendly. Imagine how stressful it is for a dog to fly in a plane for 2000 miles then to get off the plane to meet its new master. Not this dog he is amazing and all the credit must be given to Steve. Most of my review is dedicated to Steve because he is the man behind these fantastic dogs. Let me tell you a little about my dog, He is exactly 100% as Steve described. He is the most obedient dog I have ever seen. He is such an awesome dog and always wants to please. Its so amazing that he is such a friendly loving dog to all family and friends, but make no mistake when you need him for protection he is all business, just a fantastic incredible dog. He has settled in with me so fast I feel like he has been my dog for years and I know he will be the best friend I will ever have. Let me just finish by saying my new dog is the most fantastic dog I have ever come across in my life. I would not give him up for anything ever!!! Trust me when I say you will not be disappointed ever with a dog from Scott’s K-9. Thank you so much Steve!!  

belgian malinois

Brad Thompson (Fort Worth, Texas)

I’ve known Steve Scott professionally since about 2007. As the former Instructor/Trainer of the Fort Worth Police K9 Unit, I utilized Scotts Police K9 as one of my sources for acquiring good quality dogs. Steve is a solid, highly knowledgeable trainer in his own right and I always enjoyed my interaction with him and seeing the quality of dogs he was importing. Brad Thompson Instructor/Trainer Fort Worth Police K9 Unit (Retired)

german shepherd

Kristin F. (Lincoln, California)

My family and I came across Scott’s K9 online. Stephen Scott is very professional, efficient and personable. The K9s for sale were difficult to choose from, being they were all beautiful and impressive. Mr. Scott made sure the K9 we chose fit our family of four, with two small children. Mr. Scott was, and continues to be, available for any questions. Compared with other K9 security companies, I highly recommend Scott’s K9 over any other.

belgian malinois

Annette Weiser

We are in love with our new dog Brody!! Words simply cannot describe the thanks we have for Steve Scott and his company, trainers and dogs!! Brody is the most well behaved, trained, loving and astute dog I️ have ever owned in my life! Brody has already been to Walgreens, Target, Whole Foods, the Hair Salon and he was a perfect gentleman. Thank you Steve for blessing us with Brody and making me feel safe!!