The Ultimate Family Guardian You Never Knew You Needed


The Ultimate Family Guardian You Never Knew You Needed

Relaxed protection dog, a German Shepherd, lounging on the grass in a park, tongue out in a serene setting

Keeping your family safe should be your number one priority as a parent. While home security systems and alarms can provide an extra layer of protection, nothing compares to having a trained protection dog by your side. Scott’s K9 provides professionally trained guard dogs that offer unmatched security and companionship for families.

Securing your home against intruders is critical, but have you considered the unique security advantages of a protection dog? A properly trained guard dog becomes a beloved member of the family while providing 24/7 surveillance and protection. 

Scott’s K9 protection dogs are rigorously trained by expert dog trainers to provide obedient protection. These dogs will quickly identify and alert against any potential threats to keep your family safe.

Train for Personal Protection

Scott’s K9 trains each dog for real world personal protection scenarios. The dogs learn to identify a threat and act only on command from their handler. This high level of control ensures your family protection dog will never act aggressively without reason. 

Scott’s K9 trains for on and off-leash obedience to ensure the dog follows commands in any situation. Whether you need your dog to defend against an attacker or simply sit and stay, you can trust a Scott’s K9 protection dog to follow your commands.

Around the Clock Security

Your family’s guard dog never takes a day off. A protection dog is alert and on duty 24/7, providing constant security that a human guard or security system simply can’t match. Scott’s K9 dogs are trained to constantly assess their surroundings for potential threats. Their acute hearing, sense of smell, and intuition cannot be replicated by any man-made security system. You can sleep soundly at night knowing your Scott’s K9 dog is standing guard.

True Companions

While Scott’s K9 dogs are seriously trained for protection, they are also loving family pets. Each dog receives one-on-one training and socialization to become a trusted companion for your children and family. Scott’s K9 matches clients with dogs based on personality and individual needs to ensure a perfect fit. Their dogs thrive on being part of the family while taking their protection duties seriously. You get the best of both worlds with a Scott’s K9 guard dog.

Detect and Deter Threats

Scott’s K9 dogs act as an immediate deterrent against threats. Just the presence of a protection dog is often enough to make an individual think twice about approaching your home or family members. 

And if deterrence doesn’t work, your Scott’s K9 dog is trained to quickly detect and alert against threats. Their intimidating size, loud bark, and ultimate protection abilities make these dogs a formidable opponent. Criminals want easy targets and will think twice before engaging with a trained protection dog.

Take Your Dog Anywhere

Scott’s K9 protection dogs are trained for both home protection and on-the-go security. Their obedience training ensures your dog will listen regardless of the environment or potential distractions. You can take your protection dog shopping, on walks in the park, or trips out of town with confidence. 

Your Scott’s K9 dog will maintain their watchful eye and protective instincts wherever you go together. No other type of security can so seamlessly transfer from home to vehicle to other locations.

Invest in Lasting Security

Purchasing a Scott’s K9 protection dog represents an investment in long-term security for your family. Unlike a home alarm system or firearm safe, your dog’s working life and protective benefits will continue for years to come. 

Scott’s K9 dogs maintain their skills through ongoing training and work for upwards of ten years. No security system or guard offers the durability and longevity of a properly trained protection dog. With Scott’s K9, you make a one-time investment that pays dividends in family safety for years on end.

Experience Matters

Not all protection dog trainers are created equal. Scott’s K9 sets themselves apart with unparalleled experience and expertise training elite guard dogs. The Scott’s K9 has over 20 years of experience breeding and training protection dogs for police, military, and security applications. 

Few other organizations can match Scott’s K9 knowledge training dogs for real world protection. Each Scott’s K9 protection dog benefits from this experience right from birth and throughout their professional training.

Breeds Trained for Protection

Scott’s K9 trains a variety of dog breeds selected for their intelligence, trainability, stamina, and natural protective instincts. Popular breeds include German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. 

Each dog is carefully bred and tested to ensure they have the proper drives and temperament to excel at family protection work. Scott’s K9 focuses on hybrid vigor by carefully selecting breed pairings to produce the healthiest and most capable protection dogs.


Put Training to the Test

Any quality protection dog trainer should prove their dogs’ abilities before entrusting them with a family’s safety. Scott’s K9 routinely demonstrates their training methods and certifies their dogs through various protection dog trials and tests. 

These competitive events test a dog’s obedience, agility, scent detection skills, and protection abilities. The experience from these events goes back into continuing education for each Scott’s K9 protection dog.

Client-Focused Approach

Every Scott’s K9 client has unique needs and living situations. They do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to training family protection dogs. Scott’s K9 takes lifestyle factors into consideration when selecting and training the ideal protection dog for you. Ongoing training is customized for each client once you take your dog home. You can have confidence in your dog’s training because it is personalized to you.

Get Your Own Loyal Family Protector

A properly trained guardian dog can provide unparalleled safety and security for your family. Their loyal nature, intelligence, and strength make them the ultimate family protector. Finding the right protection dog for your family’s security is a big decision. 

Scott’s K9 has raised the bar within the protection dog industry based on their experience, expertise, training facilities, methods, and client-focused philosophy. Our expert trainers work with the top breeds to develop obedient, loving dogs that are dedicated to defending their family. We offer German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois.

Contact us today at 919-939-6003 for a free consultation on finding the perfect family guardian dog for your home. Our years of experience means we can match you with the ideal dog for your family’s unique needs. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late, get the loyal family guardian you need. The security and peace of mind is priceless.