Top 10 Reasons To Pick a Steve Scott Trained Belgian Malinois


Top 10 Reasons To Pick a Steve Scott Trained Belgian Malinois

Animal trainer doing obedience training with his shepherd dog outdoors

Belgian Malinois are renowned for their intelligence, loyalty, and versatility. When trained by an expert, their capabilities are unmatched. Steve Scott, a veteran of the US Army and an experienced law enforcement officer, has dedicated his life to training these magnificent protection dogs. 

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should choose a Belgian Malinois trained by Steve Scott:

1. Veteran Expertise

Steve Scott is not just any trainer; he’s a seasoned veteran of the US Army. During his service, he was deployed to numerous foreign countries, immersing himself in diverse cultures and environments. 

Particularly in Europe, he gained firsthand experience with various protection dog training methodologies. This exposure has enriched his understanding of the nuances in training techniques, allowing him to bring a blend of the best practices to his training regimen.

2. Top European Kennel Connections

Steve’s time in Europe wasn’t just about military service. He actively sought out and formed working relationships with the top protection dog kennels in the region. 

These kennels are renowned for their rigorous breeding standards, ensuring the dogs have the right temperament, intelligence, and physical attributes. By collaborating with these kennels, Steve ensures that every Belgian Malinois he trains comes from a lineage of the finest protection dogs in Europe.

3. Real-World Police K9 Experience 

Transitioning from the Army, Steve’s passion for dogs led him to a career in Law Enforcement. But he wasn’t just any officer; he earned honors as the head trainer of his Police Department’s K9 Unit. This role provided him with real-world scenarios where he saw firsthand the challenges a protection dog might face. 

From tracking suspects to detecting substances, his experiences in the field have given him invaluable insights. This practical knowledge is what truly sets Scott’s K9 apart from other protection dog companies, as Steve incorporates these real-world lessons into his training programs.

4. Comprehensive Family Training

Steve doesn’t believe in just training the dog; he believes in training the entire family. Recognizing that every family member plays a role in a dog’s life, Steve ensures that everyone is on the same page. From teaching children how to approach and interact with the dog to instructing adults on command reinforcement, he covers all bases. 

This comprehensive approach ensures that the Belgian Malinois not only respects its primary handler but also understands its role within the larger family unit. By doing so, Steve ensures that the dog seamlessly integrates into its new home, providing protection while also being a cherished family member.

5. Certified Trainer

Steve’s credentials go beyond his real-world experiences. As a certified trainer, he’s undergone rigorous training programs and assessments to earn his title. This certification is a testament to his expertise and dedication to the field. 

When you get a dog trained by Steve, you’re not just getting a pet; you’re getting a companion that has been trained using the best methodologies available. His certification ensures that the Belgian Malinois you bring home is not only trained for protection but also socialized to interact safely with all family members, from the elderly to young children.

6. Top 1% in Safety

Not all protection dogs are created equal. Scotts K9 family protection dogs stand out, catering to the most discerning clients. These dogs are part of an elite group, representing the absolute top 1% in safety. Their flawless training, combined with their innate protective instincts, ensures that they act as a formidable shield, safeguarding families and homes from potential threats.

7. Personal Protection Priority

While many trainers might focus on a range of skills, from obedience to tricks, Steve’s primary focus is on personal protection. He understands the nuances and intricacies of training a dog to be alert, responsive, and ready to defend its owner. 

Through rigorous training sessions and real-world simulations, Steve ensures that every Belgian Malinois under his guidance is primed to act decisively and effectively in any situation where their owner’s safety is at risk. With a legacy spanning over two decades and a track record of delivering over 4,000 dogs, Steve Scott’s expertise in training Belgian Malinois is unmatched. 

These dogs are not just trained; they are molded into reliable protectors. Whether you’re an executive facing threats or a family wanting an added layer of security, these dogs are conditioned to sense danger and act swiftly, ensuring your safety at all times.

8. No-Nonsense Approach 

There’s a lot of jargon and complex terminology in dog training industry. But Steve believes in cutting through the noise. With his straightforward approach, he ensures that you’re equipped with the essential knowledge and skills without being overwhelmed. 

He’ll break down the training techniques in a manner that’s easy to grasp, ensuring that the bond between you and your Belgian Malinois is built on mutual understanding and trust.

9. Tailored Training

Steve recognizes that no two families are the same. Each household has its dynamics, routines, and challenges. Similarly, every Belgian Malinois has its temperament and personality. By merging his expertise with a keen understanding of these individual nuances, Steve crafts a training regimen that’s tailored specifically for your family and your dog. 

This personalized approach ensures that your Belgian Malinois integrates effortlessly into your home environment, understanding its role and responsibilities within the family.

10. Post-Purchase Support

Bringing a trained protection dog home is just the beginning of the journey. There might be questions, concerns, or even the need for refresher training sessions as time goes on. 

Recognizing this, Scott’s K9 offers unwavering post-purchase support. Whether you have a question about your dog’s behavior, need advice on a specific situation, or require further training sessions, Steve and his dedicated team at Scott’s K9 are always ready to assist, ensuring that you and your Belgian Malinois continue to thrive together.

Choosing the Best: Steve Scott’s Belgian Malinois Stands Above the Rest

Steve Scott stands out as an ideal of excellence, particularly with the Belgian Malinois and German Sheperd breed. His unmatched expertise, coupled with a genuine commitment to both canine and family training, guarantees you a guardian that’s truly in a league of its own. 

If you’re weighing the merits of a Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd for personal safety, let Steve Scott and Scott’s K9 be your first choice. For a protector that prioritizes your safety and well-being above all else, reach out today at (919) 939-6003.