What Dog Breeds Are The Smartest?

small dog training
small dog training

What Dog Breeds Are The Smartest?

small dog training

What is the smartest dog breed?

If you’ve decided to purchase a protection dog, it’s only normal that you’d question the right breed to purchase. Although many breeds make great pets, dogs of specific breeds may have higher intelligence than others.

In turn, choosing a dog from one of these smartest dog breeds is ideal for protecting both you and your family.

Why are some breeds smarter than others?

The concept of intelligence in dogs is complex and multifaceted. While it is true that some dog breeds are often considered more intelligent than others, it is important to understand that intelligence in dogs can be influenced by various factors.

Different dog breeds were originally developed for specific purposes such as herding, hunting, guarding, or companionship. Breeds that were bred to work closely with humans, such as German Shepherds, often possess a high degree of trainability and problem-solving skills, making them more intelligent.

Furthermore, dogs that excel in understanding and interpreting human cues, such as body language, may also seem more intelligent. These traits are often seen in Belgian Malinois and German Shepard breeds.

With this in mind, what is the smartest dog breed?

Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois is by far one of the smartest dog breeds, making them an excellent choice as guard dogs. First and foremost, these dogs have the perfect temperament suited for protection. These dogs have great attention to their surroundings with high energy. In addition, they’re highly trainable to provide the protection you seek.

Another reason the Belgian Malinois breed makes the perfect guard dog is their desire to please their handlers. This breed of dog can learn and adapt to new situations quickly, excelling in obedience training. Whether you’re looking to guard property or obtain personal protection, having a Belgian Malinois by your side is a smart choice.

When considering the smartest dog breeds, it’s also important to pay attention to a dog’s protective instincts. Belgian Malinois dogs have an innate ability to protect their family and territory, traits that are attractive in a guard dog. Moreover, these dogs can be trained to respond, providing support in emergencies.

German Shepherd walking at the street with his dog trainer

German Shepherd 

Like Belgian Malinois dogs, German Shepherds are also amongst the smartest dog breeds. The physical makeup of these dogs makes them ideal for protection, as they have a strong and muscular build. These dogs are also quite fast and agile, making them able to respond quickly in threatening situations.

German Shepherds are highly trainable and intelligent, catching onto new tasks quickly. This, combined with their excellent sensory abilities, makes them an ideal dog breed for your protection. As guard dogs, German Shepherds have what it takes to identify potential danger and intruders in a variety of scenarios.

Border Collie in the field

Border Collie

As one of the smartest dogs in the pack, Border Collies possess a massive amount of agility and intelligence, which can be attributed to their ability to herd sheep. They are known to grasp a brand-new command in a mere five seconds.

What’s more, they correctly follow these commands approximately 95% of the time. Weighing an average of 31 to 44 pounds, border collies were bred to work independently, yet display sensitivity towards their owner’s needs. Due to their calm demeanor and obedient nature, this breed is extremely easy to train.

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