If you lead a high-profile life, an executive protection dog should be at the top of your “must-have” list. There are certain circumstances that warrant the need for a well-trained guard dog; one that will protect you in any circumstance.

Protection When Traveling

If you travel for extended periods of time, having trained protection dogs can deter anyone with the intent to harm you. Celebrities often deal with the threat of armed robbery (Kim Kardashian experienced this in France), obsessed fans, or those who wish to physically hurt them.
Having a trained executive protection dog while traveling can provide celebrities with an added layer of security while out in public as well as when staying in hotels or homes abroad.
When looking for personal protective security dogs for sale, one should focus on the reputation of the dog trainer. For example, he or she should be well known for supplying hundreds of guard dogs with impeccable track records.
The trainer should also be able to provide a guard dog that is fiercely protective of its owner, yet can also serve as a best friend and companion. Both the dog and the owner will need time to get acquainted with one another; the owner must be trained on how to give commands, and the dog will need to learn to follow its new master.
Socialization training is also a plus so the dog can adapt seamlessly into many different situations. This is another crucial area where a trainer must be well-versed.

Dogs For Protection at Home

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Most executives and celebrities have burglar alarms in their homes. Many systems are equipped with motion detection sensors, cameras, and intercoms. These features work well to deter many criminals from entering the property, but not all.
It is far more intimidating to have a guard dog present to threaten physical harm if entry is attempted anywhere near the border of the property. This is why high-end clientele also keep a guard dog on duty.
Executive protection dogs are specially trained to know which situations are deemed threatening and to react in an appropriate manner. However, they should also be trained to be gentle, affectionate, and loving with their master. An exceptional trainer will prepare guard dogs to serve multiple purposes so that the dog is both functional and enjoyable.

Best Dog Breeds for Executive Protection

The popular website PetHelpful lists the top 6 breeds to choose when looking for a personal protection dog for sale. These include the Doberman Pinscher, Cane Corso, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer, German Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois.
Attempting to train one of these dogs without a professional will lead to unsatisfactory and unreliable results. Each breed has distinct strengths and challenges based on its natural instincts (i.e., to herd, to alert, to chase prey). Activity requirements, temperament, and desire to work should all be a part of the equation when deciding which breed will fulfill your needs.

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