Everything You Wanted to Know About the Belgian Malinois

A breed known for its outstanding physical and protective traits, the Belgian Malinois is a favorite of many families, police departments, and military units. Here is everything you want to know about this prized dog.


Physical Characteristics

The Belgian Malinois is a herding dog with a medium to large build. They generally weigh between 40 and 80 pounds, and have a muscular build.

The Malinois’ fur color can range from brown and black or red and black to all black, with a thick undercoat and overcoat. These dogs do well in both cold and warm weather.

Grooming requirements are minimal, with regular baths and occasional brushing being all that they need. They are ranked a 2 out of 5 in level of shedding by DogTime.com, which is much less shedding than many other dogs. This breed is not prone to drooling, is not prone to weight gain, and has good overall health.


Personality Characteristics

Everything You Wanted to Know About the Belgian Malinois - Scott's K9

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Once used solely for herding animals, the Belgian Malinois is now also used for security because of its strong instinct to protect. Professional organizations and the armed forces train these dogs to protect their handlers with fearlessness and precision.

The Malinois has a high sensitivity level, meaning that it is easily aroused in chaotic situations. This can be a great attribute if the dog has had extensive training on how to focus that sensitivity toward the job of protecting others. However, in a family situation with small children, an untrained and not-yet-socialized Malinois is not recommended.

This breed is very friendly with family members, affectionate, and does well with children (again, training is highly recommended). Be prepared to exercise and stimulate this breed; they require an active family that is dedicated to keeping it from being bored.


Intelligence Level

The Belgian Malinois is one of the most intelligent breeds. It is for this reason that the breed is often used for protection, as this job is one that requires extensive training.

The Malinois has a high energy level, so giving it a job helps it to not get frustrated or act out. You should plan to exercise this dog for at least 30-60 minutes a day with vigorous physical play or running.

Because of its intelligence, the Malinois are quick to learn commands, and should be trained at an early age. Training will help this breed to be properly socialized with both people and other dogs. They are extremely easy to train because they are eager please their owner.


Belgian Malinois for Sale

If you’re looking for a trained Belgian Malinois for sale, look no further than Scott’s Police K9. Our dogs are imported from Europe to ensure their pure bloodline, superior genetics, and impeccable training.

Steve Scott has over 15 years experience in acquisition, training, and deployment of Belgian Malinois for family protection, police K9 units, and military service. If you’d like to learn more about pricing and availability, get in touch with us today at (919) 939-6003.

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