How Much Does a Protection Dog Cost?


How Much Does a Protection Dog Cost?

How Much Does a Protection Dog Cost?

Even the bravest of people sometimes worry about home invaders, and rightfully so! This is especially the case for those that have families to look out for. Naturally, most people choose to take precautions meant to keep them and their families safe in case of such an event.

There are several precautions that people choose to take, ranging from firearms to alarm systems. The problem with firearms is that they can sometimes be unsafe, especially if you have curious kids around.

We’re not saying that alarm systems and firearms aren’t precautions worth taking, but there’s another option that a lot of people fail to consider: the family protection dog.

What Exactly is a Family Protection Dog? 

Protection dogs are bred and trained with your safety in mind. These amazing animals are the best when it comes to guarding and protecting their owners.

These dogs are extremely well-trained. They’ll guard your home while you sleep all on their own, and they’ll even attack on command. Home guard dogs are trained to disable the intruder, and they’ll keep them at bay until law enforcement arrives on the scene.

Why Get a Protection Dog?

As previously stated, there are several potential options when it comes to home security. Installing an alarm system is a great preventative measure to take. Additionally, many people choose to purchase firearms for self-defense purposes.

Of course:

Responsible gun owners keep their guns in a safe place. However, when a gun is secure and out of reach, it’s hardly accessible in the event of a sudden emergency.

A home protection dog will often scare an intruder away before he can cause any harm. Unlike a firearm, a well-trained protection dog in Chicago will only harm those that mean to harm you or your loved ones.

An alarm is a great additional precaution to take. However, a home protection dog’s heightened senses can detect an intruder long before your alarm system can.

The mere presence of a protection dog greatly discourages break-ins, as these dogs are trained specifically to deal with break-ins. Additionally, a protection dog will provide you with protection, while an alarm will only warn you of the presence of an intruder. It’s important to remember that a family protection dog isn’t just a means of protection. These dogs are living, breathing companions that can improve your everyday life! You can sleep more soundly knowing that someone is looking out for your well-being and your family’s.


Is it Safe to Own a Protection Dog?

Owning a trained security dog is generally considered to be very safe. When a guard dog becomes part of your family, your safety and your family’s safety becomes its primary concern.

Some people aren’t comfortable with the idea of having a violent attack dog, which is understandable. However, a family protection dog isn’t the same as an attack dog or a watch dog.

While a guard dog can attack on command, it can also return to a calm and docile state on command. These dogs aren’t inherently violent. Rather, they’re inherently protective. These are loving animals that will make a great addition to any family.

Do Family Protection Dogs Come with Any Drawbacks?

Before investing in a protection dog, you should know everything that there is to know about them, including a few drawbacks. For some people, these drawbacks won’t be deal-breakers. However, for others, they will be, which is why they’re worth mentioning.
Let’s briefly go over a few of the pros and cons that come with owning one of these trained security dogs:


  • They’re trained to deal with break-ins, making them ideal for home security purposes.
  • These dogs are excellent companions!
  • They’re trained to warn you when danger is nearby.
  • Their presence discourages break-ins before they happen.
  • They’re safer to own than a gun.
  • They’ll disable an intruder and keep them at bay until law enforcement arrives.
  • Unlike an alarm system, a trained security dog can go with you outside the home. .
  • They’re trained to do thorough property searches in the event of a home invasion.
  • They can attack on command.
  • These dogs can also be called off on command.
  • They can remain calm and assess the threat to their owners.
  • Guard dogs can make you and your family feel safer.


  • These dogs require continual training to keep their protective skills sharp.
  • The cost of a well-trained guard dog exceeds the budgetary limitations that many people have. It costs a lot to purchase them, to train them, and to keep them healthy and happy.

If you want to learn more about purchasing a protection dog, consider checking out The Pros, The Cons, The Everything-In-Between.

How Much Does a Protection Dog Cost?

Untitled-design-2-300x300One of the biggest downsides to buying and training a protection dog is the steep price tag. The cost of a protection dog can vary, but generally, they start at $100,000 and can go much higher.

A protection dog’s effectiveness depends entirely on the skill of its trainer. Protection dog’s prices from acclaimed trainers will typically be more expensive than those from lesser-known trainers.

While the reduced price can be tempting, the more expensive protection dogs are usually the safest and most effective option. While high-end protection dogs can often cost $65,000, they’re sometimes even more costly.

Well-trained protection dogs have been purchased for up to $23,000. While this isn’t usually the case, particularly exceptional protection dogs like the one in this New York Times article are well worth the price to some people.

Protection Dogs: A Great Home Security Option

Family protection dogs are a hot topic right now with the surge in public crimes and terrorism. Many families are considering adding a Family protection dog to their home and life. We hope this has helped you get one step closer to deciding if a protection dog is right for you.