Top 5 Best Personal Protection Dogs


Top 5 Best Personal Protection Dogs


Top 5 Best Personal Protection Dogs

Personal protection is something to consider if you deal with the public and are also well known. Everyone from CEOs to celebrities has realized the value of investing in a best personal protection dog.

There are several types of dogs that are simply better at guarding and going home with you as a pet. Here’s your guide to the top 5 best personal protection breeds to consider.

5 Best Personal Protection Dogs

#5 The Rottweiler

Affectionately known as “Rotties” to their owners, these well-built dogs have the strength, stature, and demeanor for providing protection. What makes this breed so popular for guarding in a family and individual setting is that they are extremely loyal and affectionate.
This breed is also utilized for police and FBI work because, well, they love to work. The saying “always on duty” is a great description of this breed. However, when it’s time to relax, they are great with kids and families, and they make excellent companions.

#4 Belgian Tervuren

According to, this breed is the long-haired variety of the Belgian Malinois (also in our top 5 list). This dog is perfect for protection in cold weather climates and can be shaved for hot summer months.
The Belgian Tervuren is a herding dog, which makes it excellent for protection. These natural herding instincts allow the breed to be vigilant, precise, and to enjoy working. This breed is extremely smart, can follow lots of different commands, and is eager to please.

#3 Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch Shepherd has a brindle coat and a large, muscular body. Just their appearance alone is reason enough to be intimidated. These shepherds are also herding dogs, which means that they love to obey their master and they are intelligent.
What makes this breed compatible for personal protection as well as family guarding is its temperament. The Dutch Shepherd loves to play, be active and is very affectionate. They are a bit harder to find than the other breeds mentioned in this article, but you’ll find they are well worth the treasure hunt to find one.

#2 Belgian Malinois

Prized as police, FBI, and military K9s throughout the world, the Belgian Malinois is ideal as a personal protection guard dog. Malinois are very active dogs, are extremely intelligent, and are loving companions.
Active families that plan to take their Malinois on outings (rather than leaving it home) are best for this breed. Belgian Malinois training is a must before taking one home.

#1 German ShepherdGerman Shepherd

The German Shepherd gets our #1 pick because this herding dog is naturally protective, craves affection, is eager to learn, and follows commands easily. A great family pet and protection dog in one, the German Shepherd guard dog is everything you could possibly want in a guard and beloved member of the family.
These dogs are often used in police K9 units, government, and military. You can depend on this breed to be loyal, work hard, and follow commands superbly.

The Best Personal Protection Dogs from Scott’s K9

Steve Scott is the founder of Scott’s K9. With 20 years of experience in training Belgian Malinois, German Shepherds, and other breeds for military/police and family protection dogs, Steve and his team can be trusted to protect you as well.
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