Top Qualities to Look for in a Police K9

A police K9 dog should be able to perform job duties while also being able to remain calm and friendly when needed. Confidence, fearlessness, and courage are some of the many traits to look for in K9 unit dogs. Read more about the top qualities to look for when choosing a german police dog or Belgian Malinois K9.

Personality is Everything in K9 Dog Breeds

Best Protection Dog Traits

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Some dog breeds are better suited for living in the lap of luxury while others are made for working. Police dog breeds must be large in stature in order to be strong enough to catch up with and take down a suspect.

However, not all large dogs are created equal. German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are especially suited to be law enforcement dogs because they are:

  • Eager to please their master.
  • Intelligent and learn quickly.
  • Thrive on being rewarded for obedient behavior.
  • Courageous in dangerous situations.
  • Protective by nature.
  • Have a superior sense of smell.
  • Don’t shy away from being aggressive when necessary.

It is for these reasons that these two European police dog breeds in particular are selected for government work including border patrol, TSA, detective work, and so much more.

The United States Bred Law Enforcement Dogs Versus European Bred Police Dogs

The European Union has long been hailed as the best area to get a trained guard dog or work dog. The reason for this is several-fold:

  • The EU has extremely high standards for their trainers.
  • Dogs are sent through intense training and allowed to pass only when these high standards are met.
  • Protective & physical traits are bred into these dogs for many generations to ensure the highest quality dog is bred.
  • The best dogs to bring over are those who have been certified and trained by the Royal Dutch Police Dog Association.

The United States trains police drug dogs rigorously, but the best dogs are trained using the standards established by the Royal Dutch Police Dog Association. In fact, oftentimes certified dogs are imported from Holland, Germany, and other countries because they are far superior to the domestically trained police K9 for sale.

Cost of a Trained K9 Police Dog

Trained Belgian Malinois for sale is likely to have a hefty price tag. However, a trained police dog imported from Europe with RDPDA certification (also known as “KNPV PH1”) is well worth the money. Finding police dogs for sale that meet all of the above criteria can be difficult if you don’t know where to look.

Getting a German Shepherd or Malinois from a purebred breeder and then training it from a puppy is one option. However, because of the rigorous training standards and proper breeding practices in the EU, most police K9 experts will tell you that importing a certified trained dog is the best approach.

The dog will be working alongside his or her police partner, solving crimes together, protecting each other, and going home at night as companions. It is imperative that the dog possesses all of the necessary personality traits to perform spectacularly both at work and at home.