Top 5 Skills a Working Dog Should Have

The American Mantrailing, Police & Work Dog Association (AMPWDA) is one of the many reputable organizations that Scott’s K9 is proud to be associated with. Their K9 training and certification programs equip dogs to serve in the police force, military, and as personal protection guard dogs.

Read more to learn about the top 5 areas that working dogs are trained in.



Top 5 Skills a Working Dog Should Have. Police, firefighter, DEA, FBI guard dogs for protection. Scott's Police K9.

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Mantrailing is when a dog pursues the scent of an individual, both on the ground and through air-based scent molecules. Specifically, the dog’s nose picks up the scent of skin cells that have been shed by the targeted individual.

According to AMPWDA, the dog may switch from sniffing the ground to sniffing at the air in order to determine which direction to go in.

Mantrailing dogs can detect a person’s scent even if it happened more than 30 minutes prior to when the dog arrives on the trail. Tracking dogs, however, are usually trained to detect a scent that occurred within the prior 30 minutes.

Mantrailing from the human’s perspective is used for locating a suspect that has fled or to help find a missing person. Search & Rescue workers, EMT’s, and first responders are among the many professionals that should go through mantrailing courses. This allows them to pick up on evidence in the environment to help guide them toward their target (without needing a dog).



Border patrol, DEA, police, military, FBI, and other organizations use K9 dogs to sniff out narcotics that have been hidden from sight. These dogs are specially trained to pick up on the scent of certain illegal drugs. Their drug-sniffing skills help them find drugs in furniture, cars, and inside of walls just to name a few.


Search & Rescue

Air Scent Live Find (ASLF) is one of the skills needed for search & rescue missions. ASLF utilizes a dog’s ability to sniff the air and follow the scent of an individual to where they are located. This skill is also used in disaster recoveries, to find human remains, and more. Other skills such as mantrailing and human remains detection are critical for a dog that is working search & rescue missions.



Obedience training involves following commands, withstanding temptations, and controlling the impulse to do what the dog wants. This training usually also includes work-specific training the dog will be exposed to such as knowing when to stop or go and whether to attack or not. Exposure to loud noises and high-distraction situations can also help a dog learn to stay focused on the job at hand.



It takes the right breed and the right type of training to produce a truly stellar protection guard dog. These dogs can help protect police officers and military personnel or be used for personal guarding or family protection. The dog must be exposed to hundreds of hours of drills before it can be certified to protect.

Trained guard dogs must be courageous, fearless, and highly intelligent. Some of the top breeds chosen for protection services include Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds. These two breeds also make great companion pets after a day working out on the field.

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In addition to Belgian Malinois, we also train German Shepherd guard dog pups and adults. Our founder and head trainer Steve Scott has trained thousands of dogs over the last 15 years. His team of expert trainers and guard dogs are ready to protect your family or organization.

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