How Military Service Dogs Help Ease PTSD Symptoms

PTSD Service Dog Training

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can occur after a traumatic life event. Some of the symptoms include anxiety, panic attacks, depression, nightmares, and flashbacks that are triggered by certain sights, sounds, or smells.

How to Introduce a New German Shepherd to Your Dog Family

New German Shepherd Dog in Family

Interested in buying a German Shepherd guard dog for your home, but not sure if it will work with your existing pets? Don’t worry; most people who welcome a new pup into their home have a positive, pleasant experience. It’s all in how you do the introductions…

How the Human Touch Benefits a Dog

Malinois Petted

Petting a dog is therapeutic. It lowers blood pressure, stress levels, and anxiety. But, does human touch have the same effect on man’s best friend?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Dogs have been shown to receive therapeutic benefits from being petted…

The Amazing History of the German Shepherd

Amazing History of the German Shepherd

The German Shepherd guard dog has a long history of being a loyal, hardworking, and lovable dog. The name of this breed comes from where it originated and its first job. Before the Phylax Society was formed in 1891, early day breeders were seeking to mate dogs that would…

Top 5 Skills a Working Dog Should Have

Police Trained Sheepdog

The American Mantrailing, Police & Work Dog Association (AMPWDA) is one of the many reputable organizations that Scott’s K9 is proud to be associated with. Their K9 training and certification programs equip dogs to serve in the police force, military, and personal protection dogs…

How to Know if Your Guard Dog Trainer is Legitimate

Guard Dog Trainer Steve Scott

Getting a trained guard dog for personal protection or for police or military work is a serious decision. These dogs are hard-working, life-saving companions. Before buying a trained Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd guard dog, here’s what you should look for in a legitimate trainer…

How to Address Self-Control When Training Your Dog

Impulse control is defined as the ability to resist temptation or an urge. This skill is especially crucial for dogs that will be used as personal protection dogs, police K9, or in military units…

How to Win Your Dog’s Attention When Training

German Shepherd Protection Training

Dog training seems to be one of those mysterious skills that only professionals are good at. And owners can sometimes feel like they’re fighting a losing battle when it comes to keeping their dog’s attention…

Starting Your Own Guard Dog Security Company

Security Guard Dog Company

Being your own boss comes with the freedom to set your own hours, pursue your passion, and gain financial independence. If you’re contemplating starting a K9 security business, here are some things to consider…