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Belgian Malinois small

The Belgian Malinois is a dedicated family dog known for being extremely intelligent and adaptable. If you’re looking for a personal protection dog to keep you and your family safe, but also want a loyal companion, look no further than the Belgian Malinois.
Before you invest in the a Belgian Malinois personal protection dog, let’s look at why this breed makes an excellent protection dog and factors that affect their pricing.
Everything you need to know about choosing a Malinois protection dog

The Belgian Malinois is Highly Intelligent

Did you know? When armed forces entered Afghanistan to take down Osama Bin Laden, they took one dog with them to do the job – a Belgian Malinois. Why?
These talented and intelligent dogs can be trained to do anything.
They run at speeds of 30mph, leap tall obstacles, and obey commands without hesitation. It’s no wonder military and law enforcement both depend on the Belgian Malinois for high-level tasks. These dogs perform search and rescue missions, are trained bomb detectors, and can even sniff out drugs.

The Belgian Malinois Loves to Work

Trained Belgian Malinois performs on cue for hours on end and maintains high energy levels. If you want a running partner, look no further. These canines will run five miles by your side and still have energy left over. Many police departments are switching to the Belgian Malinois due to the breed’s intense drive to work and their powerful intellect.

The Belgian Malinois is Strong

A Belgian Malinois will take down a criminal with a one-word command and pursue an attacker through a maze of obstacles. Unafraid of heights, the Belgian Malinois can jump over a six-foot-high fence.
They leap through truck windows if it means taking down their target. With single focus, they bite down and hold onto their target until commanded to cease.  No wonder SEAL Team 6 took a Belgian Malinois along!

The Belgian Malinois is Extremely Adaptable

When appropriately trained, the Belgian Malinois will tell the difference between friends, family, and strangers. One command and a Belgian Malinois will come to your aide. If properly socialized, these dogs are calm and well-behaved around children.

The Belgian Malinois is a Loyal Family Dog

Due to their herding nature, the Belgian Malinois sees your family as a herd and views his role as your guardian and protector.

Belgian Malinois are High Energy DogsBelgian Malinois are High Energy Dogs

In case you’re wondering how much attention these dogs need, read on. Bred as working dogs, these K9 favorites are happiest when given plenty of activity to enjoy. Their sharp minds need to be kept busy.
If you want your Belgian Malinois to stay out of trouble, be sure to give them a variety of tasks and jobs to accomplish every day.

Dog-Approved Activities for Belgian Malinois

Here are three dog-approved activities that the Belgian Malinois loves. Be sure your dog can enjoy at least one of these activities every day and you’ll keep your K9 family member happy and content.

  • Socializing: Visit the dog park so they can run, romp, and play with dogs and mingle with people.
  • Search and Rescue: Play hide and seek with your dog. Eventually, progress to hiding and finding objects.
  • Agility Training: Create a back or front yard agility course for your pup. Activities such as crawling, scaling objects, and high jumping are favorites of this breed.

How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Cost?

If the Belgian Malinois sounds like the ideal dog for you and your family, then you’ll want to read on.
Costs for a Belgian Malinois depend on many factors such as breeding, lineage, training, and popularity level. In this next section, discover how much you can expect to pay when bringing a Belgian Malinois into your home.

How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Cost?

The Breed of Your Belgian Malinois

Many backyard breeders advertise Belgian Malinois for sale since they are a popular choice for a personal protection dog. Purchasing your pup from one of these breeders might be cheaper, but buyer beware!
These pups come without papers proving lineage, the health of the parents, or health screening for the puppy itself. Dogs with poor breeding are subject to many significant health issues. These dogs may be less expensive, but purchasing a Belgian Malinois for protection from a backyard breeder is never recommended.
Getting a Belgian Malinois from a reliable breeder will set you back just over $1,000. That price does not include breeding rights or a dog that is ready to act as a protection Malinois.
Reputable breeders will ensure your dog is free of common health issues related to inbreeding and will give you the paperwork to prove it.

Belgian Malinois Lineage

If your Belgian Malinois comes from a highly respected breeder with excellent lineage and can be shown or bred, expect to pay top price. These pups will cost anywhere from $3,400 to $9,000.

Belgian Malinois Protection Training

If you want your Belgian Malinois trained before he lives with you, this will add to your total cost.  Well-trained Belgian Malinois protection dogs by a certified trainer will cost more than standard obedience classes as these dogs are taught to assess potentially dangerous situations, apprehend intruders, and much more.
For a Belgian Malinois personal protection dog with military or police training, you can expect to pay anywhere from $25,000 to $65,000. These valuable and intelligent dogs are certainly not cheap!

Bringing Your Belgian Malinois Home

After you’ve purchased your Belgian Malinois, remember that expenses don’t end there. You’ll want to factor in the price of food, vaccines, regular vet visits, grooming, and supplies. Safely estimate $1000 a year to meet the needs of your dedicated protection dog.
If you plan to go on vacation without your trusty sidekick, add food and boarding fees to your yearly cost unless you plan on traveling with your furry companion.

Is the Belgian Malinois Right for You?

The Belgian Malinois is a fantastic dog that requires continual activity to maintain a happy and healthy relationship with its family. Easily trainable, the Belgian Malinois loves to work and please. While costs vary widely for these dedicated and loyal animals, planning to own one is an excellent choice for an active family.
So, what do you think? Does the Belgian Malinois make your list for your personal protection dog of choice?

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